Oil & Gas Lobby Doing a Jig – Updated

La. oil, gas industry pleased with session

[snip] “. . . .  Mike Lyons, general counsel for the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, said his organization was pleased with the session’s results. Some bad[sic] bills were defeated, he said, citing one that would have limited the use of dispersants after oil spills. Another bill would have prohibited permits to create or convert salt dome caverns for storage, an overreaction to the Bayou Corne sinkhole situation, he said. It failed.

Thanks to Freedomrox for this tip – 😉

In Feb. Tulane Law School had their 18th Annual Summit on Environmental Law & Policy and they produced this report (in Power Point) on Bayou Corne. Attending were Wilma Subra, President of Subra Company, Technical Advisor for Louisiana Environmental Action Network; Stephen Horton, University of Memphis, Center for Earthquake Research and Information; Daniel E. Becnel, Jr., Attorney at Becnel Law Firm, L.L.C. in Reserva, LA..



2 thoughts on “Oil & Gas Lobby Doing a Jig – Updated

  1. You know all this down in Louisiana sounds a bit like the pelican brief happening down there…just substitute a few names, impact on environment…govt “leaders” putting their 2 cents in just for the power of the almighty dollar. They are all a bunch of hypocrites and corrupt!

    Thanks for the Jackson Volcano info..just travel up 55 in the heat of the summer and ride the waves of the highway, just like a bubbling crude. Got loose springs…better than a roller coaster!

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