AGL Resources Handed All the Water They Want for Lake Peigneur Operations During Water Shortage

Dem Dirty Dogs!

This interesting info was sent in –

ITEM from 2009 –


Here the Ground Water Resources Commission is talking about wells going dry in the Jefferson Island and the Delcambre area.

Page 101 very interesting:

Testimony of MR. LANGLINAIS:

And I will say at this point that, in the  Jefferson Island and the Delcambre area, there are five known wells that have already gone dry in the last five years, so this is a problem that is occurring. Many of the wells are having to be deepened or redrilled because the water level has dropped and the aquifer has dropped below the intake table — the intake of these wells, and these wells are running dry. 

This is the farming area that shows the rice irrigation areas in south Louisiana, and the drawdown
curves of these wells that are listed in the Crowley — in the Acadia Parish area. I think it shows like a  -60 elevation, and it is dropping 60′ from mean sea  level of zero. So you have about a 60′ drop in the  water table from the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, down to — up — or down to the middle of where it has
(p. 102)
formed this crater, and so, from here to up here is about 60 to 65 miles, and there is a 60′ drawdown right there. And I will illustrate what is happening. These are some of the water levels, and it shows how fast — how quickly the sand — the aquifer levels will change. These were taken in the fall of ’95, and this is in the spring of ’96. This is the same zone, and you see the changes in the contour lines of the — these are metric lines of the drawdown curves in this particular area. This is in the Lake Charles area.

You’ll notice how fast it can change from fall to spring. This is fall of ’95, okay. Now, the impact of subsidence of water withdrawal, this is a slide that was obtained from a meeting that we attended. As oil-land surveyors, we were called — and engineers, you recall at the meeting in Baton Rouge, right — that would have been in November or December, after Hurricane Rita. And the U.S. Geological Survey and the Center for Geoinformatics at LSU had been conducting some  elevation of the benchmarks, and they compared the  benchmark to elevations that they were getting by GPS signals benchmarks, comparing those to what they were finding on present day. And this is the results of their findings, and it shows the amounts of subsidence that had actually occurred in certain areas.

Now, you notice in one area, where you see the Crowley area, there’s a big -3 that shows right there in front — in the magenta or pink, that’s -3′ of subsidence of the ground over — since these tests
(p. 103)
have been conducted.   
About Lake Peigneur

Here is AGL Resources Operating agreement:

3.4. Water Rights; Chicot Aquifer Withdrawal Restriction. Further without limiting the foregoing, and subject to obtaining any approvals required under Applicable Law, *Jefferson Island shall have the right to drill for and extract water as may be necessary, incidental, or desirable for the Permitted Purposes, including, without limitation, . . .

And more – Testimony of MR. LANGLINAIS,  from p. 137 – –

Now, I might also mention that, in an area just directly south of this — of Jefferson Island and Delcambre area, I had farmer come — one landowner come to me and tell me, “Steve, every time my neighbor turns his irrigation well on, my water well goes dry at my house.”

And I think I heard those comments at the last meeting, also. So what do you do? Well, I wait — I tell my farmer to run his well for a day and then stop running his well and then let me pump my water well so I can get water for my house. It’s just one of my clients who lives south of the Erath-Delcambre area, because of the drawdown from his
(p. 138)
water well, it has reached a point below the intake of his existing water well.

So the drawdown phenomena is causing a few problems, as we all know. The drawdown causes the well running dry, and it also causes a further increase of the saltwater encroachment coming into that area where you have that low — that low cone of depression. 

Water meeting transcript

Page 2 says who all was there. James Welsh from Conservation [Louisiana-speak for Give-Away!] was there.


On page 148 they begin to discuss AGL Resources plans and how the water they want for their salt dome projects and say it  is from a deeper source than farmers’ water blah, blah. This man testifying, SGL’s Goodson,  blithely continues on with details ignoring the impact of seismic activity in Louisiana or the giant salt dome disaster at  Jefferson Island in 1980!

MAP of Jefferson Island area.  It is west of Assumption Parish.


UPDATE, July 23

AGL Resources just contaminates the water and doesn’t try to recover any of it, unlike farmers’ use of water.  After the leaching of the salt dome caverns, the salt water will be pumped into wells, never to be used again.
West Monroe honored for efforts to reduce draw on Sparta aquifer

WEST MONROE, Louisiana — The city of West Monroe has won recognition for its efforts to reduce water usage from the Sparta aquifer, a major source of drinking water for municipalities and water systems west of the Ouachita River.

 At the Louisiana Rural Water Association’s annual awards luncheon this month the city was presented with the association’s award for Outstanding Achievement in Water Conservation, Reclamation and Re-Use.

 The News-Star reports (  ) that the city was honored for a $20 million project that enables a local business, Graphic Packaging, to use recycled wastewater in its production process to eliminate its draw from the aquifer.

Before the project came online in April 2012, Graphic Packaging was the area’s largest consumer of aquifer water.

short link –

15 thoughts on “AGL Resources Handed All the Water They Want for Lake Peigneur Operations During Water Shortage

  1. Sounds to me like flip-flop officials are criticizing and praising situations to gain the most money–oh woe is me they cry. Those kind of jellyfish people will destroy a community.

  2. This sounds eye watering, illegal and probably perverted, but…

    Assumption Parish Police Jury

    3:50 p.m. CPT Demonstration
    Texas Brine will hold a demonstration of the cone pentrometer test (CPT) unit in Bayou Corne at Sportsman’s Landing this Saturday, June 22 at 9:00 a.m. The CPT unit is expected to be working next week on all streets in the Bayou Corne community. Additional details will be made available to the public by Texas Brine Representatives on Saturday.

    …I have a feeling that a lot of people will be walking funny after Saturday 😉

      • I think it’ll probably be come as you are.

        We’ve always thought that TB is trying to screw the inhabitants of Bayou Corne, maybe this is how they plan to do it, with their “cone pentrometer test units”.

      • If this is to encourage people to stay or to return to homes in a hazard zone this will be one more bullet for lawyers to use against them later.

  3. Not exactly the same topic, but kinda…Yesterday when I was getting my hair cut, the woman who’s been cutting it for a long time, told me that her young son loves the TV show I think is called “Bayou Billionaires” and he is determined to move to Louisiana after he graduates in a few years and work somewhere. My sister and her friends are all hooked on Duck Dynasty. It hit me today that’s how the toxic corps are getting people to work there. Glamorize the lives of the residents of LA and don’t mention the safety and health risks. Maybe that’s why the military is bringing troops home from Afghanistan? No other jobs for the uncolleged returning young men and women but high
    paying oil and gas jobs. The jobs look adventurous. Great resource for labor. How to convince the young people to “just say no” and not buy into the subtle, and prob subliminal, propaganda of the media via Bayou Bills and Duck D.

    • I had the same thought about ‘Backyard Oil’ or whatever it’s called. To young adults it looks fun to tear around in ATVs and shoot stuff.

      • I just looked at those helicorders, and whatever it is, it’s doing it hard & heavy, & it’s doing it for 30+ mins.

        Burp & slough tremors barely last 5 mins if that. So what could cause the heli’s to freak for 30 ?

        Whatever it is I don’t think we’re going to like it 😦

      • You forgot one at 11:05 P.M. update from Assumption Parish Police Jury.
        June 21, 2013
        12:45 p.m. Update
        Additional hydrocarbons are present in the sinkhole as a result of the burp that happened last night. Also noted, seismic activity has been active for the last few days.
        Click here to see a video of the sinkhole taken today.

        June 21, 2013
        11:05 p.m. Update
        We’ve been advised that overnight, there was a burp in the sinkhole. No further information is available at this time; however, we will update once info becomes available.

        It look like their keeping a eye on your web site.
        here that little burp at the sinkhole It began at about 08:15 PM Jun 20, 2013 CDT time.
        At LA-12 recorder.

        All of them just click on the date 06/20/2013 to see them at about 08:15 PM CDT time.
        Those seismograph layout on the top line on the left side it got CDT time on far right at the top it got UTC time.

      • yup — they are watching … since NO ONE is monitoring the helicorders 24/7 like they said they would do!

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