2 Fly Over Videos Uploaded

35 whole seconds!!



Assumption Parish Police Jury

A video of today’s flyover is available at:



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26 thoughts on “2 Fly Over Videos Uploaded

  1. They’re actually 1 min 27 secs in total time wasting extravagance, the only contribution from which is to show that some of the ‘undead’ trees have sunk, and to show that the ‘old’ & pointless western berm has been repaired, at least for now.

      • I have tried everything…. I think it’s another WordPress gilch!
        I know HTML and spent wayyyy too much time trying to get it to show.

      • You can in-large that video 2 to full screen you see those D-6 or D-7 dozers working in the water on that road.

      • There always will be now Walter, there’s no way to save that, I suspect their doing it to look good. I’d give it 2 – 3 weeks at most before the sinkhole ‘deep sixes’ it.

        On a side note… Is that water on top of the old pad 3, it looks like water to me, water that’s flowing across the pad. Could this mean that pad 3 is finally sinking ?

      • What I was talking about I think that LA-14 new road I think that was Oxy #9 the road goes to LA-12.

      • They have a big stockplile of sand for road extension… so some of the work they are always doing is road build.

  2. You can in-large that video 2 to full screen you see those D-6 or D-7 dozers working in the water on that road.
    This is Video 2

  3. We need to ask for your help please, easier than explaining I’m just going to share the contents of the conversation…. Via Elizabeth Cook a facebook connection

    “Conversation started today
    Elizabeth Cook

    So apparently seismic testing also kills and disrupts the lives of ocean fish, not just mammals. How will this new legal agreement protect various other fish species in the Gulf, including the endangered Gulf Sturgeon and Smalltooth sawfish, the several endangered species of sea turtles, as well as fish that aren’t endangered? Why didn’t the four major NGOs take the united approach of opposing any seismic testing activity, which was listed as one of the alternatives in the BOEM literature we were give at the June 19th hearing, which essentially would oppose the expansion of offshore drilling? Why weren’t we informed at this hearing that this agreement had taken place, and allowed to comment on it, as it was announced by GRN just two days later?

    “Whales, dolphins, and other ocean species depend on sound to feed, mate, navigate, maintain social bonds, and undertake other activities essential to their survival. Airgun noise is loud enough to mask whale calls over thousands of miles, destroying their capacity to communicate and breed. It has been shown to drive whales to go silent, abandon their habitat and cease foraging, again over larger areas of ocean; closer in, it can cause hearing loss, injury, and potentially death.”


    2nd msg… “Is it a coincidence that Rep. Rigell from Virginia has now attached a permit for seismic surveying to the Transportation Bill? In other words, essentially, these 4 NGOs are giving the greenlight for the siesmic testing to take place, rather than opposing it altogether, and/or, opposing further expansion of deepwater drilling.” http://act.oceana.org/call/seismic_calls/?akid=2836.50454.1XyyPI&rd=1&t=3

    another person in the message thread responded with “Is there some secret agenda playbook we’re not seeing here?”

    Elizabeth Cook

    “No, no secret playbook, except that I think Cyn had an obligation to the public to reveal the agreement during the public BOEM meeting. I mean it was announced two days later for goodness sakes. I think the 4 NGOs involved had a defeatist attitude from the beginning: they’re going to eventually drill anyway, so let’s try to safeguard as many cetaceans as possible. However, this tactic was not communicated to the pubic for feedback or input in any way, because the NGOs are required to do so, and are inclined to do so. I noticed the mention of the law suit when I went back over the literature handed out by BOEM at the public meeting, but no details as to the import. Regarding Rigell’s amendment, I’ll need to do further research. I just found it interesting though that just a few days after this legal settlement, he files an amendment that would essentially legislate around it. It concerns me. It doesn’t help the grass roots for the NGOs to operate as though they represent the people, yet aren’t democratic organizations, accountable to the people, so not bound by any obligation to be fully transparent.” and “I know my goal will continue to be oppose the further expansion of offshore drilling anywhere. Cetaceans will be hurt, and many other creatures, despite this agreement. I think it should be brought out in the open that the public should have had an opportunity, at the very least, to comment at the BOEM hearings with all info on the table. That is required, btw, by the Council on Environmental Quality, part of the executive branch of the feds, that all info be made available to the public. I feel as though we have a right to call for further public hearings, in light of this agreement, which I intend to do so. My belief is that all creatures need to be protected, including mammals, and the best way to do this is not to expand drilling and no go on the seismic testing. Not to mention the horrific damage just one “spill” can do on the health of the environment and the people.”

    Can you please make an article out of it?

    Thank you

    • yeah, it’s ugly… but so far off shore you need a sail boat to see how ugly it is.
      I differ. NYC burns coal and has over 250 kids a year dropping dead in emergency rooms from asthma attacks. Not to mention deaths in schools and at home etc.
      That is ugly.
      Oil lobby put out a slew of press releases about wind energy killing birds (Audubon is now partners with DOW) and they look bad, blah, blah.
      The thing is they don’t get to make a fortune from the wind. It is free.
      Canada has 2 industries – wheat and uranium.

      • Wind and solar is not free or dependable. The article states 24 billion in our tax dollars have gone into it and not one single power plant has been replaced. Yes there is an increase in asthma, but what about all the chemical spraying of our land? Cannot recall the last time I saw a blue sky in what was not so long ago a mostly sunny area. LAstinkhole gets mentioned in this blog….http://memoryholeblog.com/ on chemtrails…. We are blasted with so much disinformation, it is difficult to decipher what the truth is. Wind mills in the water also confuse the precious inhabitants of the sea with all the noise!

      • The underwater ones I saw are motorcycle size. The fan blades don’t whirl around fast. They go real slow and fish swim right though them (they have underwater cameras for nature test).
        It is politix and pay offs that stymie advancements in better energy supply. Not a lack of science etc.
        Yr right about disinfo too!

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