What is Texas Brine doing with Oxy 3?

Freedomrox says  –

Texas Brine’s Daily Report is only as recent as 6/28/2013, but take note that they are attempting to use the old Oxy 3 as a Water Well, so I am confused…are they speaking of the actual Plugged Oxy 3 casing, or the old Oxy 3 Water well that is known to be contaminated? The way this reads, sounds as if they are thinking of perforating the casing around aquifer level.
Quote: “A 12 hour pump test and water sampling was completed on Oxy #3 6/27/2013 in order to determine the viability of Oxy #3 for future use as a water well. Weekly depth survey will be performed 6/28/2013″


4 thoughts on “What is Texas Brine doing with Oxy 3?

    Now it has truly hit the fan! What I mistook for Pipeline related detection of Carbon Monoxide, (CO) Volatile Organic Compounds, (Non Methane related), VOC’s, (Methane Related), Methane, and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), are actually SINKHOLE AIR MONITORS and ARE BEING RELEASED DAILY OVER THE WORK AREA AND BAYOU CORNE! These are VERY DANGEROUS CARCINOGENS and CANCER CAUSING AGENTS, and which ever way the wind blows determines your exposure to these toxic chemical compounds! Proof? (Small Sampling) Texas Brine’s own reports to the Commissioner, James “Jim” H. Welsh Commissioner of Conservation

    phone (225) 342-5540


    Click to access DNR06252013.pdf

    Click to access DNR06242013.pdf

    Click to access DNR06172013.pdf

    Click to access DNR06192013.pdf


    • Boy, TB did nice job of filling their charts with 0’s to making things look safe! For example, saying there’s <1.0 ppm of hydrogen sulfide looks safer than saying there's .99 ppm hydrogen sulfide. Is someone working on a map showing the actual readings & their locations? THANK YOU FREEDOMROX!!

    • It’s amazing how many 0’s are in these reports! Showing ‘only’ <1.0 ppm of H2S seems almost benign compared to showing, for example, .99 ppm of H2S. Sleazy b^$tard$. Thanks for your work, freedomrox!

      • yeah! No # showing when they use a vague standard like that. It is probably more like 99.8459903% or something so they round it off to <0.

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