Tony Gentile has a few words for “Jim” Welch

Sent in by author –


I am writing you concerning the operation of Crosstex at Bayou Corne.  I will be straight to the point. I have over thirty-two years’ experience in handling hydrocarbons from ethane to petroleum coke.  In my opinion Crosstex’s continued use of Well #1 and labeling it as “Normal Operation” with a failed cavern in it’s vicinity is dangerous and shows a total disregard for the safety of the citizens, the workers and the environment surrounding Bayou Corne.  Information on the failed cavern that has been released is sketchy at best leaving room for doubt and disbelief. 

Having someone watch a PLC is in no means a mitigation plan.  At best it is an early warning detection of a loss of a loss of pressure but it in no means mitigates it.  This paltry explanation of a plan mitigates nothing.  A breach in the wall of this cavern allowing hydrocarbons to escape into the ground and eventually the surrounding atmosphere will be one spark away from a catastrophe.  The word catastrophe may not accurately describe what can happen.

With the siesmic activity continuing daily at Bayou Corne and the lack of understanding why I believe the prudent action would be to discontinue activities involving these caverns in close proximity until it can be factually determined by third party geologists what is going on underneath the ground with an educated opinion on when, if ever,  this will cease. 

I realize money is the key, it makes the world go around.  It drives our economy and helps us sustain our way of life here in Louisiana and our country.  In your position at what point do you say we need to put the brakes on this and slow it down to a stop.  The potential results far outweigh the short term gains.

If you’re going to reply with a form letter you need not reply.  We all have bosses we need to report to and take direction from. You may be driving the boat but someone else has set it’s destination. I understand. I just wanted to give you my two cents worth with a real mitigation plan(cease activities on the wells closest to the failed cavern)

Have a good day,

Anthony “Tony G” Gentile

4 thoughts on “Tony Gentile has a few words for “Jim” Welch

  1. Tony, I agree 100 percent. There’s no telling the scope of damage that has been done beneath the ground between the OXY3 and OXY1 salt caverns. Common sence, knowing cavern activities and a little science, would lead one to believe a substantial amount of disruption in this area. If another “mystery” explosion occurs nearby, a vapor trail could lead the explosion right to the OXY1 salt cavern. As I’ve mentioned before, a massive explosion may erase evidence of many factors in this OXY3 salt cavern fiasco.

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