Breaking: 5.2 QUAKE IN THE GULF

It is not on most of the earthquake maps. LAT: 24.9375 W ,    LONG: 85.4437 N

We did a screenshot from ANF. –



(The big California quakes disappeared from the map)

Just south of the Gulf a 4.9 quake in the Leeward Is. and a 5.9 quake in El Salvador TODAY.


south_GulfquakesLots of live quake info is at Radioactive Chat.


March 11, 2013  there was another  covered-up quake in the Gulf.  It was M2.9. The evening of March 12 there were over 90 mini-quakes at Lake FUBAR.


. . .  and  on the 11th Lake FUBAR was all a quiver! On the 12thSeismic Shudders Ring the Gulf of Mexico

Historic earthquake locations in the Gulf (MAP).

Thanks to Keith M. for the tip – 😉

short link –


15 thoughts on “Breaking: 5.2 QUAKE IN THE GULF

  1. I’m NOT trying to be alarmist, but we have the ‘Pacific ring of Fire’ lighting up like a xmas tree, and ringing like a bell, we have the Caribbean starting to do the same, and now a 5.2 earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico, in an area which I believe has a hidden fault line, that is connected to both the New Madrid fault system and the faults that surround the Caribbean tectonic plate.

    If that 5.2 had been either shallower, or bigger, and produced a tsunami, Louisiana would be populated by fish about now.

    I for one, would be seriously considering relocating to higher ground…

    Not Tennessee, or the eastern part of America… Too many earthquakes for my taste, and way to many NPP’s. Likewise the Ohklahoma area, their having a garage sale on earthquakes lately, that’s starting to worry me a little. And definitely NOT the Mississippi valley basin.

    Somewhere to the northwestern areas of the continental USA, and somewhere above 200m.

    Before any of you ask, I live in the UK, my height is 82m above sea level ( on top of a hill ) and if the effects reach my location, I’m screwed, because the highest point that I can reach is only 624m, and that requires at least 3 hours fast drive, or at least 24 hrs walking.

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

    7.2 and 6.6 magnitude earthquakes strikes Papua New Guinea

    Moderate earthquakes strike El Salvador and South Africa

    Alert level raised to Phase 3 on Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano

  2. So… where did the earthquake go? I saw the live site earlier… and it was there… and now POOF! it be GONE!

    • I don’t know! Maybe something can make a quake appear that’s some sort of an error but I’ve been looking at these maps daily almost since Fukushima and have never seen info swallowed like this!

    • what the hell?
      Well I got the screen grab. The only edit I did was crop it, make the url bigger in the address line and put the big labels and lines in. I did not alter the map or change any facts. For the record.
      The FC blog has the big Calif. quakes they took down too.

  3. I don’t know why I am stuck on this non-earthquake… but I kicked over to the helicorders for Bayou Corne and others located in FLA, TX, AL, GA, MO… and guess what – they ALL had an event shown for a matching UTC time. You have to look at the 7-7-2013 charts to see the correct UTC time which has crossed into the next day (shown as the 8th on the screen cap above)
    It really bothers me that this non-event was removed by ANF and not noted by USGS. I have written to the ANF asking… “Why did you remove…?” but doubt there will be a response.
    There is clearly NO MISTAKE something occurred of a magnitude that could be measured and that the event was strong enough to register consistently on many southern helicorders.

  4. July 18, and I just stumbled onto this EQ info. I don’t know if it is natural or not, but it might solve a mystery for me. Hope people see this info even at this late date.

    On July 8th between noon and 1:30pm (I have the time on a receipt somewhere), I was at a gas station along I-75 in Florida between Gainesviile and Ocala (north central fla). When I rolled down the car window I was hit with heavy oil type fumes that were not like auto oil.. I have MCS and they were very strong and not like those I would smell at an auto mechanic’s shop.

    Turns out they were coming from an open worktruck that was parked nearby gassing up The driver had been inside the convenience store.. When I left I looked at the logo and it said “Petroleum Accessories”.

    Since the state is controlled increasingly by the energy industry ( carpetbaggers and scalawags are alive and well) and there are plans for drilling in gulf of fla and since I can’t bear to keep up with that ( grew up on gulf- all this death and suffering is very painful), I got nervous but hoped it had to do with water heaters.

    A few days ago I looked up the company, and the only one that shows up even if I include Florida as a search term, is based in Houston. No mention of branches.
    Same logo design as the truck. It says it is in the business of petroleum (oil/gas) procurement, drilling parts, and it seemed other functions more actively related to drilling.

    Being a fumey work truck with stuff in the open bed, this seemed to be unrelated to procurement. I had to wonder if there was some operation going on up here or west in the gulf, but attending to a crisis further south and in the gulf
    could easily account for it. Since Fla is south of other states and the office is in texas, it’s not like it was passing through from the miami office to georgia or another state.

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