Hot Springs & Volcanoes & Lake FUBAR Connection

Last week contributor, Walter gave a mention of hot springs as indicators of geophysical movement.

Ms. Reesa had this to  say-

A while back, Walter posted some links to some springs.

I looked into them and a few of my own choosing. I found a few interesting things but nothing extraordinary. About Lake Peigneur

I was reading through some studies about the volcanic past of the GOM, when I ran across a reference to Hot Wells, Louisiana. And, Hot Wells IS VERY INTERESTING!

The first thing that caught my attention was the “hot” in Hot Wells. Then, a mention in a blog piece that stated that the spring was a salt water spring…a salt spring with the exact same composition as that as the GOM…all the way up near Alexandria, Louisiana I have no idea which study I was reading when I made a note to look up this place but, I had made a note at the time that it ‘seems to be related to the Red River system and the Mississippi Canyon and their corresponding transform faults.”

And, that makes it even more interesting, since our transform faults run northwest to southeast. The Mississippi River Transform Fault (see p.8 of , and several other smaller faults that run parallel to it (p.9), run up through a volcanic swath of the gulf – through Bayou Corne/Napoleonville – straight up the Red River and on into a volcanic area of Texas and an ancient rift system. I have all sorts of docs to show the volcanic area of Texas and the ancient rift system that runs across the top of Louisiana but, I wanted to hurry and put this out there.

The Apache gas well blowout in February…it was near the outskirts of Door Point volcano in the GOM and another transform fault runs through that area and parallel to the MS River fault up toward Minden…which I think is also the site of some volcanics. I have to check.


I looked into the 5.2M GOM earthquake post from the other day. By the way, I didn’t do a screen capture, but I did check the website shortly after and I saw it there. It may still be there on their ‘list’ page. No, it did not occur near the BP blowout, but it does seem to be in a line with the the faults I listed in my last post. And, if one looks at the maps in these two documents, it seems that most of the larger historical earthquakes follow the same trend and in the same fault area of the Eastern Province of the GOM. Sorry about the long sentence.

7 Quakes link:

Title: A Geohazard Perspective of Recent Seismic Activity in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Wiki Link:

[2 links above are added to the Methane page 😉 ]

On some flim-flam with Hot Wells property

These links suggest to me something even worse. I won’t state it. Maybe someone else will see what I do. But, I will say this…the bill that was passed giving the property to the state and/or parish (because it does get a little blurry and I haven’t had a chance to really research it yet) …that bill’s passage was no accident and I’ll be willing to bet the energy industry is involved!

Hot Wells Resort was once bubbling with activity, 4-26-2007
Link Retrieved 7-11-2013

Hot Wells Shameful Fate, We Saw That, 2-20-2007
Link Retrieved 7-11-2013

The Latest Hot Wells Scam in the News, We Saw That, 7-6-2009
Link Retrieved 7-11-2013

Hot Wells sale reserved: Investor has no-bid deal on Rapides spa site
By Robert Morgan  • July 5, 2009 (pdf link works)  (ALT. LINK …just in case )
Date Retrieved: 7-11-2013 restricted access –  this snip is useful:

“McPherson said Act 264 of 2007, authored by him and co-authored by then-state Rep. Israel “Bo” Curtis of Alexandria, authorized DHH to transfer the land to Cypress Bend Investments LLC, an investment company in Boyce started in 2002 and owned by Monroe Thompson.”

Just in case there’s anyone  is not aware…the Mississippi and the Red River both overlay the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer that overlies the sinkhole…that is filling continuously with methane and hydrogen sulfide gases.


Other things to take special note of in the Hot Wells’ links:
DHH owned the Hot Wells…same folks say “all clear” at the sinkhole.
The National Guard has been using it for years…instead of it being renovated and bringing in $$$ in this depressed economy. Fishy!!
One of the wells has had to be capped….

Let’s not forget Lake Peigneur! Their dome sits right at the edge of this swath of transform faults.
Oh, and those ultra-deep under-the-salt-weld drilling operations in the gulf just below Lake Peigneur.

Something exciting going on in each of those fault belts.

MORE on the 2006 GOM big earthquake –

short link –

42 thoughts on “Hot Springs & Volcanoes & Lake FUBAR Connection

  1. Ive been thinking about door point volcano latley. The lack of info is amazing. Theres the one paper from the 70’s, a few others cite that. Id bet that much is known about it, just that all the studies are proprietary industry studies, considering that the geology of this area is very well known science, just not available to the public. Amazing since 1.5 millions people live within 20 miles of this volcano.

    • Yes. I put what we have here (sent from Ms. Reesa, I think) on the misc. science page – The Methane page. See left sidebar. The faults and volcanoes are on the bottom part of that page.

      • As I told Teresa last night… she has single-handedly shown the methane migration pathway from under the GOM right up to the sinkhole and Lake Pig, possibly all the way to north of Beaumont, Texas which hosts it’s own salt dome formation.
        WOnderful job, MsReesa.

      • Too funny!!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

        But, two things: I haven’t looked that good in years! And, you did leave out Freedom 😉

      • Oh, and Freedom, you give me wayyyy too much credit! I haven’t “single-handedly” done anything. There’s so many great ideas, comments and links shared by all the contributors here! I just accidentally stumbled across the name of a spring that caught my attention. I’m not even sure all of what it could mean geologically or otherwise. But, a warm spring with the composition of the GOM, in the center of Louisiana?? Top that off with our typical political intrigue… It was just too interesting not to share! It is a little scary though. I’m hoping smarter minds than mine can help figure out all that it means 🙂

      • All of you are absolutely amazing to watch/follow.

        Ms Reesa, That was some excellent research you put together, you’re phenomenal. Just the dedication & audacity to dive in so deep, without giving up… You’re what being an American is suppose to be about.

        I hope you write a book very soon, one that can help the youth understand how work/dedication can help save a whole lot of lives, and how not to wait/expect that someone else has it all covered, because they don’t.

        We The People must take these steps!

        People like you, Freedomrox, Flyingcuttlefish, and Walter, inspire and encourage the rest of us to stay the course and help any way we can, even if it’s just sharing the information.

        Thank all of you so much!

      • And also contributions, one by one, of so many readers.
        The press could help MORE by shedding light on the dangers the toxic wastes present in the current situation.
        In news reports they talk as if all the caverns are just empty caves!

  2. Several publications, as well as congresional testimony on the fault system of S louisiana & SE Texas available here:

    • Things I have not done a search on.
      Discovery of ring faults associated with salt withdrawal basins
      Louann Salt
      Can’t say if i got this word right Subsidence or Subsiding or Subsidizing to do a search I think this would be the right way to say it ‘Subsidence salt dome’.

      • I always misspell subsidence!
        I thought when you mentioned Hot Wells first time you were just talking about misc. hot springs around here and there…. not a place called Hot wells, La. …. 🙂

      • I think there was a lot of hot and warm springs in Louisiana but after the 1811 and 1812 earthquake they died out as far as being hot or warm springs.
        They had to be good drinking water for people to live in Louisiana before they drilled water wells.
        I don’t think they called it Louisiana at that time.

        I don’t think you would think Florida would have a hot springs they say it a hot spring name Silver Springs, Florida it a artesian spring.
        There a Warm Mineral Springs in Florida as well it a free-flowing artesian spring.

        I was looking at this spring’s as well.
        Denham Springs, Louisiana,_Louisiana
        Greenwell Springs, Louisiana,_Louisiana

    • OK. On the maps page there a bunch on a the cobweb of pipelines criss-crossing Louisiana.
      Pipes also extend way out into the Gulf.

    • I they they try and hide/control the info to escape risk responsibility.
      I think insurance industry in on it.
      Like with the parable of West, Texas.
      Risk spread to the public and off the shoulders of the corp. criminals. Insurance industry untouched.
      Just like the ‘gift’ the insurance industry was given as a reward for their aggressive lobbying ON 9-11 (while Pentagon smoke wafted over K Street!

  3. A word of warning to anyone who might actually read all of the links I posted…the pdf I had labeled ‘Wiki link’ and is supposed to show the 2006 earthquake map has gone bad. Worked until yesterday evening, then afterward whenever I tried to access it, a warning would come up instead about the site being malicious something-or-other. I have the document in several places. I can send a copy to you, FCF, and you can decide what to do with it. It came from the references listed in the Wikipedia page titled, 2006 Gulf of Mexico Earthquakes.

    Thanks for all the reading material 🙂 Now, if I can just keep my eyes open to read it!

    • OK — mysteriously that Town Talk article immediately disappeared too! I found the PDF link in a round about way.

  4. And, FCF, you’re not the only one to misunderstand ‘Hot Wells’. You should see some of the things my searches were turning up!! Funny stuff!

  5. They’re not talking about man made pipes. Its reffering to water piping through salt, sulfur, etc. due to natural and made made activities. Thats my biggest fear, that these domes occur on fault lines, perhaps the water that flowed into the sinkhole can “pipe” its way into the underlying fault, lubricating it and causing an earthquake, and not just a micro earthquake.

    • thanks for that! I just put the link with all the pipeline info on the Methane page ~~~~ ooops!

      Is that word what applies to these South American ‘sinkholes’ which are big round tunnels that appear but are related to old volcanoes? Many pix on the web of them.

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