Texas Brine’s Depth Measurements All Wrong

Fight! Fight!

John Boudreaux, director of  Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security: Lake FUBAR is at least 500 feet down

Texas Brine spokesman Sonny Cranch: Our depth survey says Lake FUBAR is  110-220 feet down.

The Advocate has this: “Boudreaux said he did not use a sophisticated method like sonar to measure the sinkhole. Instead, he said, he took a 10-pound crowbar with the ends cut off and attached it to a 500-foot surveyor’s tape measure, drove out to the center of the sinkhole in an amphibious vehicle and let the crowbar go, unspooling the tape measure until it could not go any further.”


article –  Official claims sinkhole depth exceeds estimates

WAFB – Officials believe sinkhole deeper than originally thought < has VIDEO

LINK –  http://youtu.be/4infbF0Lvk8

5 thoughts on “Texas Brine’s Depth Measurements All Wrong

  1. It appears that ole timie methods of measuring things may cause a few to rethink what the “experts” are selling. Wonder how this scientific data might change those pretty maps? You know the ones with all them colored lines. Maybe, there might be a bigger problem than what we might heard. Ya think?

  2. Oh, my! Got me laughing again! I knew that was John Boudreaux even before I read anything 🙂 Gotta go take a nap!

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