3.2 Arkansas Quake Today & Thurs. News

scroll down for a bunch of news from the parish blog . . .

3.2 quake in Trumann, Arkansas < MAP
JumpingJack Flash – scroll down to “Other Stories of Interest“. Getting scary.
DNR Inspection Report (7-17) says there was nothing happening at Lake FUBAR on Wednesday.
Texas Brine letter to DNR shows VOC’s, SO2, and H2S coming from the sinkhole.  Texas Brine DNR incident report (7-15)
NEW! Crosstex update (July 15)


Resident at meeting – “We’re dyin’!”   at 10:28

It’s going to take years to fix the Louisiana sinkhole

“The initial assurances from Texas Brine — that the methane gas coming up through the collapsed cavern which has rendered homes uninhabitable could be drained in a short period of time — have proven to be like the company’s other promises. Completely empty. Officials now concede there is a massive methane deposit that will take years to drain.”

2 big stories from The Bayou Journal

Judge to hear BP’s bid to halt payouts to residents, businesses

BBC – A US judge has rejected BP’s request to suspend all payments related to the Gulf Coast oil spill

Northwind Oil & Gas is drilling in Napoleonville (p. 4) < thirteen thousand feet seems kind of deep for a methane swamp.
Geismar explosion – DEQ docs  –  sulfur dioxide in St. Bernard Parish sulfur dioxide safe levels here
After Spill, Gulf Oil Rigs Proliferating
Fracking Our Water Supply: Add a Twist of Lemon, But Hold the Methane Please
Blue Daze exposes fracking waste toxic stuff is getting into the food supply.
Study reveals how dust inside faults may contribute to earthquakes
Oddity – WWLTV – New Orleans: Reports of water leaks spring up around city
Strange Sounds – Fault Lines in the USA: This Map Shows the Major Earthquake Hazard Areas Within the United States

10 thoughts on “3.2 Arkansas Quake Today & Thurs. News

  1. Assumption Parish Police Jury

    1:40 p.m. Update
    Texas Brine has reported to us that their will be a drilling rig set up on Sauce Piquant Rd tomorrow at about 8am to drill and re-grout a CPT hole that was noticed leaking.

    This operation should be completed by the end of the day and will update everyone if plans change.


    I’m actually surprised that there’s anywhere left to drill into, they’ve made that many holes in the ground and the underlying caprock, that it’s a wonder that they’re not walking on water.

  2. About that Study
    ‘Study reveals how dust inside faults may contribute to earthquakes’
    What about faults and what is slickslides rock.

    Definition for Slickenside
    a rock surface with a polished appearance and fine parallel scratches caused by abrasion during fault displacement.
    That fault has two surfaces and they call that type of rock Slickensides surfaces.
    A long a road side cut you can can find a face where that fault is.
    In this picture you can see the face of the fault line
    Here is Folding and Faulting

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