If Lake FUBAR Blows — What You Need to Worry About

If Lake FUBAR and the toxic/radioactive contents stored below blow up you have more than hot sauce to worry about. tobasco

At risk will be:

  • The nation’s natural gas supply
  • Every chemical ingredient used in every product made in the USA
  • The water supply for Louisiana and the Gulf states
  • The navigation of the Mississippi River (Most of the domestic agriculture exports)
  • Water and land traffic in the delta region
  • Liquified gas production and export
  • All USA factories that depend on LPG and natural gas for power
  • Wall Street stocks
  • pension funds
  • viability of the insurance industry
  • The banking system
  • The Loop Current – already nearly dead
  • All oil rigs in the Gulf
  • Autos as transportation
  • USA home heating for 2014
  • faith and credit of the USA
  • Tobasco supply

14 thoughts on “If Lake FUBAR Blows — What You Need to Worry About

    • It better not go up!
      They need to take over from Texas Brine idiots.
      Maybe someone will see this S.O.S.!

      • I know… The Mississippi basin is in my thoughts too. I’ve been expecting it to let rip before now.

        But it seems to be holding back for now, and building up. But when it does go, it’ll be very unpleasant and probably deadly, to be anywhere in the area from Louisiana to the Great Lakes. The parts of America to the east aren’t going to be a picnic either.

      • I hope it’s a thousand years from now … but more likely it’s a thousand years past due!

  1. When it’s over there won’t be much left anywhere in this country worth keeping. Won’t be but 20 years or so before it plays out on the rest of the globe in the form of radioactive water and petrochemical pollutions.

  2. OK, not a nay-sayer. I’ve been following and watching for 10 months now. I’ve read the OMG! stories, Seen FreedomRox reports, kept up on Dutchsince and followed this page. Any time anything happens, i’m aware of it….

    My heart out to all of you! I’m just in Central Texas, so if worse case happens, there’s a good chance the radiation could hit me. It’s grown 20 acres in 11 months – that’s HUGE. It’s gotten deeper. The second cavern is (finally) starting to collapse. I watch the skies to the east every single day for a nuke. I honestly can’t believe that the potus hasn’t sent one of his muslim friends in to self detonate at the bottom to cause worst case.

    How much longer are we looking at?
    Are the earthquakes in the gulf the past two weeks related to it?
    What are we REALLY looking at. I GET worst case and that there is NO best case…

    • My idea (my be just me) is that DC and Louisiana have a feud about help money and Louisiana ain;t getting any money until they settle Jindal’s account. It’s in The Big Feud page.

    • And the press had better start playin’ catch up pretty quickly! They could easily have covered this story starting 6 mos. ago ….

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