Sonny, Sonny, Sonny . . .

A lot has happened since our last  open-letter,  “Dear Sonny Cranch,” on July 7th.  Back on July 15th, the Associated Press had this: Official: Bayou Corne sinkhole at least 500 feet deep

BAYOU CORNE — An official says the deepest part of the 22-acre sinkhole near Bayou Corne is at least 500 feet deep, and not between 110 to 220 feet deep that has been estimated by Texas Brine.

John Boudreaux, director of the Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security, tells The Advocate previous depth reports released by Texas Brine Co. may have been inaccurate because the company’s sonar did not penetrate debris fields inside the sinkhole. . . .

. . . . Texas Brine spokesman Sonny Cranch said Sunday he is confident the company’s depth findings are correct. A Texas Brine contractor has said the sinkhole is from 110 feet to 220 feet deep, according to previous monthly depth-finding surveys. . . .

. . . . Boudreaux said he did not use a sophisticated method like sonar to measure the sinkhole. Instead, he said, he took a 10-pound crowbar with the ends cut off and attached it to a 500-foot surveyor’s tape measure, drove out to the center of the sinkhole in an amphibious vehicle and let the crowbar go, unspooling the tape measure until it could not go any further. . . .

The Parish put out this popular video on July 20th.  It shows 750′ of line unspooling without hitting bottom. When the video was released and seen by over ten thousand people you and Texas Brine had nothing to say in response.


The Watchers – Waves recorded at Louisiana sinkhole which is now more than 500 feet (150 meters) deep

According to the July 11 “Fact” sheet from Texas Brine your vertical seismic profiling and 3-D mapping are just great. And Texas Brine claims 

  • there’s NO chance of another sinkhole forming under Lake FUBAR
  • there are NO pockets of hydrocarbons down there
  • and NO void spaces in there


How can Texas Brine claim THAT  when they don’t even know how deep Lake FUBAR is????

26 thoughts on “Sonny, Sonny, Sonny . . .

  1. The Weather Channel reported about the sinkhole this morning…telling of how John Boudreaux measured the sinkhole. They were pretty animated about it. Was good. They didn’t mention that the measurement was in conflict with TB’s.

    • China is like Florida .. .. made on old seabed of limestone that caves in under every rain storm. Those paintings of China looking like a bunch of termite mounds in some areas are accurate (not an artist’s license) . . ..

  2. ENENews

    Published: July 25th, 2013 at 3:23 pm ET

    ‘Chaos’ over 4 underground oil blowouts in Canada: “Everybody is freaking out about this” — Spills can’t be stopped, “There is no off button” — Leaking since winter (VIDEO)


    It appears that sub-surface pressure is increasing everywhere.

    • oh, thanks! I saw that tid-bit on the scroll on CNN (no more than that, of course).
      CNN has the slightest Herc rig coverage. Instead they show that fracking-is-good ad with the sleeping baby!

  3. Hey, Davidh7426 – I know how not being in the ‘best of places/moods’ affects those of us who know enuf to rage about what’s going on. I also know that there are people who care & who simply don’t know what’s going on. So please continue being strong & educating your community(ies). Thank you. Also, please ask for help when you need it. Alfie Kohn wrote in his book, “The Brighter Side of Human Nature: Altruism And Empathy In Everyday Life,” that our species did NOT survive because of war – we survived because of co-operation. His book is well-documented and has not been put on any ‘best seller’ list. Hmmmm, I wonder why….;-)

    • Thanks Baymuse for that attitude!

      At this point in time, who cares who’s to blame or what the cause might be, there is a very real problem. It needs to be talked about in “life and death reality” terms.

      People can take a lot, especially in south Louisiana, but we need to be dealt with honestly. You can’t fix what’s broken if you don’t have the correct information–no matter whose toes gets stepped on!

      I have seen this “people to people” response after Katrina, Rita, and other crisises where it was the “citizens” who ultimately filled the “need”. We are better people than we give ourselves credit for.

      This situation will test the communities of Louisiana. Many have said it here–my thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

      • Well said deb and when any of us hear anything we need to post it here before we hightail out to give others the warning.

        I am close to leaving, another so called landslide and it may be the trigger for me.

      • TG…

        What if the next ‘landslide’ is the one that ‘triggers’ the end-game, and removes your exit routes ?

        I truly can’t say which would be best, stay or go… My gut says go, if yours says the same then why are you still there ?

        If you truly are beginning to fear some dark event just down the road, then in my view…

        ‘Waiting is a fools game’

        …is it truly worth putting yourself through the stress that’s building up inside you, just because your not sure of what the future will bring.

      • David, it’s easy from afar to say go, I have job, I have responsibilities, and running away although would be great at the immediate moment it doesn’t seem prudent. It’s a gamble, I could die here, I could leave and nothing major happen and throw away a lifetime of work and live like a pauper the rest of my life. The ultimate decision on what I do will be from God. If he wants me to leave I will get up and go. If he wants me to stay and perish then that’s what will happen. We have free will, if I ignore his sign or his warning I chose to stay. Then it’s on me. Everybody has a sense of when it is right and it’s all different for everyone. How long I stay I don’t know but I am like a baseball player getting ready to steal second base, I am leaning hard, there’s no disguising my plan I am going but it has to be right. Being out on either side to me at this point makes no difference.

  4. With regard to the disastrous Macondo oil well rupture that ended in 11 deaths and triggered the largest US offshore oil spill of all time (and uncountable ongoing ecological impacts), Halliburton has ‘graciously’ decided to plead guilty to destroying evidence. ‘Guilty?’ we hear you ask? When has any large US corporation not just settled in order to not be forced to admit guilt? Well, as Reuters reports, “their willingness to plead to this may also indicate that they’d like to settle up with the federal government on the civil penalties.” The maximum statutory fine for this apparent midemeanour? $200,000! Or 0.0007% of expected revenues for 2013. Well, that’ll teach ’em for sure – they won’t be destroying evidence again, eh?

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