Methane Chex-Mix

This methane-bomb-in-the-Arctic story has a lot of updates.

We have had 2 recent posts here on it (1, 2) and today added a rebuttal to the ‘bomb’ theory to our post on the parent blog, The Flying Cuttlefish.

So it may not be the big threat they said. And we have these recent items –

Methane Data Set for Louisiana and nearby Gulf – 2013

AND – [New] Methane Bubbles Near New Orleans


Earthquakes trigger undersea methane reservoirs: study

” . . . .One of the cores has now been found to contain methane hydrates — a solid ice-like crystalline structure of methane and water — only 1.6 metres (5.2 feet) below the sea floor.
Also uncovered were tell-tale signatures from water between sediment grains, and concentrations of a mineral called barite.
Together, these suggested that methane had surged up through the sea bed in recent decades.”

Earthquakes contribute to global warming by releasing methane from ocean floor

Earthquakes Burp Up Methane Bubbles

Heat Dome Wildfires, Methane Pulse Expand, Blanketing Arctic Siberia in Cloud of Dense Smoke

Methane connection to changing sea evolution and super sharks – from a reader comment from Australia


We have more on this creepy plan at the Flying Cuttlefish.


Why methane hydrate could soon become more controversial than fracking
  “Natural gas buried in Arctic permafrost could be an economic boon — but it could also drastically accelerate climate change”

If there is more in the news this week it will get put here.


16 thoughts on “Methane Chex-Mix

  1. Please tell me that the event on LA 12 at 12:52 CDT was a truck, because if it was it was a big one, it showed up to some degree on ALL helicorders except LA 10 mid & bottom.

      • There’s something funny going on between 15:30 CDT – 15:45 CDT…

        Both LA 10 surface & mid jumped the tracks…

        La 10 surface ( +30 mins )
        LA 10 mid ( +60 mins )

        and along with LA 17 284m, all three have one or more ‘spikes’ on the line.

        Most of the other helicorders show some form of activity during the period in question.

  2. Assumption Parish Police Jury

    July 29, 2013
    5:35 p.m. Activity Update from the Office of Conservation

    Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity

    Monday, July 29 work –
    Sinkhole Activity Code 1 – lowest level, indicating little seismic activity detected near sinkhole/Oxy 3
    – Sub-slab pressure monitoring at 107 and 135 Crawfish Stew
    – Began cutting concrete slab at 1467 Sauce Piquante for vent system excavation
    – Stem wall coring and sub-slab probe installation at 116 and 135 Crawfish Stew
    – Performing under-slab vapor monitoring at 108 Crawfish Stew
    ORW/CPT Wells
    – Well work on ORW 2 (north side of La. 70, west of Texas Brine facility) and ORW 13 (near Oxy 9 well pad)
    – Completing CPT-60 (near ORW 29, north side of La. 70, west of Texas Brine facility entrance)
    – Completing CPT-106W (swamp location south of community, east of Bayou Corne)
    – Mobilizing barge to CPT 108W (southwest of community, west of Bayou Corne)
    Containment Berm/Roads/Sinkhole
    – Placing clay on south berm
    – Placing limestone on southern portion of west berm
    – Compacting and aerating south berm in preparation for density testing

      • It’s you who should be thanked…

        For doing this blog, and giving us a chance to express ourselves and possibly influence any message that is getting out to the world.

      • I wonder what suddenly prompted the parish officials to hand out a chunk of information about the doings today.
        It looks like another end-run around Texas Brine who used to post updates.

  3. Pingback: Prelude to the Louisiana failure , the late insider Matthew Simmons intended to make public information about the growth of the underground pressure of natural gas, which will be expanded through the oil-bearing strata and aquifers at supersonic speeds .

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