Alaska Aftershocks Continue & Long Weekend News

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heli_button   Dozens of Aftershocks Expected on Alaskan Island –  Alaska volcano going off


Bayou Buzz – Will media stop whitewashing Jindal’s Bayou Corne sinkhole story?

” . . . Governor Jindal, your state has been under the threat of a environmental disaster now for over a year. I’m referring to the Bayou Corne sinkhole that appears to be expanding and expanding with no solution in sight.
Your state has filed a lawsuit against those you believe caused the damage. You made a pit stop there seven months after the hole became an issue, but , only after homeowners started to complain about your refusal to make an appearance.”

Texas Brine put out a fact-sheet dated Aug. 29 about what great things they are doing. They don’t explain why they put out such low-ball home-buy offers. “Code 3 – not allowed on west berm or onto pad 3 or north pad. Added ORWs #42, 43,
46, and 48 to report.”

DNR Inspection Report for Aug. 30 has current work description at the end.


It looks like El Barfo is reloading. LA14.

2.1 quake Marston, Missouri < MAP

Crosstex put out the update for Aug. 28thThey are ADDING more butane . . .



We added a better map showing Crosstex Well #1 and Well #2 to the ‘location of the butane caverns‘ post (found on the MAP page).



Let’s hope helicorders don’t go off too much since probably everyone’s gone for the holiday.

We missed this item from April – Hurricanes May Cause Earthquakes



Seismic Friday – Head for the Hills!

Here we go – – –  Heli_ANI

Mad activity at LA12 starting at noon CST – – –






7.0 Alaska quake — we are comparing timezones . . . THAT’S 11:25 A.M. CST . . .

Parish blog:  “seismic activity has not been elevated since last week’s event” . . . so maybe don’t head for the hills.  confused

Some headlines from Fuel Fix:

Small Earthquake Reported in Central Alabama – 2.3

After this weekend it will be time to pay attention to tropical weather.

Take our POLL about Wednesday’s weird alert at Lake FUBAR

Kansas Salt Cavern Checked for 7 Mile Fissue Leak (gas)

Hutchinson, Kansas  [8-2] –

Officials to eye local cavern

Other sites’ prior sink-hole issues spur plan for check.
By John Green – The Hutchinson News

A large drilling rig will show up near 11th Avenue and Lorraine Street next week as state environmental officials assess the stability of a long forgotten salt-mine cavern in the high-traffic area.

“We’re working with the responsible party for the brine cavern – Morton Salt – on investigating the cavern, to see how it looks,” said Mike Cochrane, chief of the Geology Section in the Division of Environment at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

“We’re seeing what the rock looks like to determine the long-term stability of the cavern,” Cochrane said.

There have been no indications of subsidence or instability, but with the commercial growth and amount of traffic in the area, officials decided it was important to assess any danger.

“There’s no indication of any imminent problems with the cavern,” Cochrane said. “But it’s a busy area. We do feel it needs investigated. We’ll run test logs on the strength of the rock and then plan the next action, which may be some longer-term monitoring, to judge the long-term stability.”

The cavern, developed around 1910 through salt-brine production, is about 130 feet in diameter and 65 feet tall. The cavern is beneath an area that currently is a vacant lot and parking lot, south of the new Fairfield Inn, Cochrane said.

The rig will bore a hole into the cavern and then seismic tests will be run on the rock.

“Tentatively, it looks like activity could be going on there for three months,” Cochrane said. “They’ll be doing a lot of work. It’s a good investigative plan by the company. The drilling rig will be at the location a number of days.”

In January 2001, natural gas pumped into a storage cavern in the Yaggy gas storage field northeast of Hutchinson leaked through a hole in a fill pipe into rock fissures and traveled seven miles underground into Hutchinson. The leaked gas escaping to the surface through old salt-brine wells resulted in explosions that destroyed two downtown buildings and killed a couple in a local trailer park.

Officials installed vent wells around the city to try to burn off the escaped gas. Officials later studying data from a vent well near 11th and Lorraine discovered the neighboring cavern, Cochrane said.

It was, however, only after a sink hole from another salt cavern occurred in January 2005, about a quarter-mile north of the 2000 block of Carey and less than 100 yards from a Burlington Northern railroad track, that officials decided other caverns around the city should be assessed for their safety.

That resulted in salt company VigIndustries buying out 37 homes in the Careyville area during the summer of 2011 and removing them, then fencing off the acreage, because of concerns about the potential for sinkholes in that area.–cavern-at-11th-and-lorraine

Wait! In 2005 they had a big problem and gas leaks. That means Texas Brine’s mantra, “This never happened before” is a big LIE!

( Emphasis added, reprinted here in whole because page wouldn’t load – We are reprinting under section 107 of the FAIR USE rule)

Photo and graphics of the cavern

In 2001: An explosion in downtown Hutchinson destroyed two businesses and damaged 26 others Wednesday. Then today, another explosion at a trailer park left two people critically injured when their trailer suddenly blew up, said Hutchison Police Officer Darrin Truan.


Thursday News – Day After Media Tour of Lake FUBAR Blocked by Code 3 Declaration

This older story (8-20) “State coastal authority votes to request East Bank levee authority to block oil, gas, pipeline lawsuit” has a follow-up:
NOLA DefenderGreen Groups Spotlight Big Oil Donations to Jindal Amid Coastal Lawsuit Saga

“A coalition of environmentally minded organizations held a press conference this morning to condemn Governor Bobby Jindal’s opposition to a local levee authority’s lawsuit that seeks coastal restoration payments from 97 oil and gas companies. Condemnation from eco-friendly orgs is nothing new for da’ Governor, but this time the groups focused on Jindal’s finances. According to the coalition, Bobby J’s campaigns have pocketed at least a million dollars from Big Energy since his first run at the Rouge House in 2003.”

Phoney Code 3 declaration? It looks like the work trucks have started in as usual at 7 a.m. near helicorder LA14.

Bayou Buzz – Work suspension at giant sinkhole continues as a precaution

“Officials set sinkhole activity at code three, the highest alert level. No work will be allowed on the sinkhole or within containment berms, though no elevated levels of seismic activity have been detected since last week’s slough-in.” — hmmm. They seem obviously to be working.

Stay tuned if we get some news about the blocked media tour yesterday. Lt. General (ret.) Russel Honorè was supposed to see the site. He was there in June for an earlier tour (CBS 5 report).  He is doing lots of media events as this is the Katrina anniversary and he has a new book out. He was on LPB tv for their 1 year later show about Bayou Corne.

Here’s a odd item from Louisiana Daily“During  a  book  tour interview with WBRZ Retired Lt. General Russel Honore admit a run  for  governor  of  our  state  isn’t  out of the question.  Considered  the hero of Hurricane Katrina, Honore,  seems most concern about the high  rate of poverty in Louisiana as well as a weak infrastructure and the lack of a loop around Baton Rouge.”

4:30 p.m. message from the Parish Blog. Still at Code 3.

(8-21) Missouri – Second flotilla planned in Watkins Glen to protest LPG salt-cavern storage proposal

WATKINS GLENProtesters of a plan to store 88 million gallons(!) of liquid propane gas in salt caverns next to Seneca Lake are taking to the water again.A flotilla will launch from Village Marina in Watkins Glen at noon Saturday, and boaters will head several miles to the U.S. Salt Plant in Watkins Glen, owned by Inergy LP, of Kansas City, Mo., the company that wants to store the gas. . . .

NOTE: A new item on underground gas storage in Europe and the UK was added to the Methane page today.

Oil Rig Explosion Near Victoria, Texas

LAVACA COUNTY, TX — investigators are trying to figure out what caused this oil rig explosion near victoria, Texas. Houston-based EOG Resources operates the well. Workers were drilling into the Eagle Ford when something went wrong, sending crew members scrambling for cover.
A spokesperson for EOG says all of the workers made it off the rig safely. Firefighters and private contractors are working to extinguish the flames.
The fire is expected to burn for a couple of days.

Dutchsinse – WHAT THE FRACK?!

North American Craton Plate story . . .

watch my video assessment here:



Also you can watch the State of the Union address here:


(at about 29 minutes President Obama speaks about “fracking”).


Screenshot of the Presidents proposed NEW FRACKING/DRILLING plan !

Title of this post says it.. W.T.F.  … what the frack ?!

Look at the diagram to the right of President Obama…

This is the NEW PROPOSED map of “fracking” and “drilling” sites …

Wait a second…

Step back from this above map for a second.. look at it in a ‘broader’ sense —– where have we seen this shape before?!

Oh yes… now I can place it… it took me a second…


Yes, thats right.. if you compare the two maps.. the NEW PROPOSED drilling/frac well sites…. alongside the diagram of the actual NORTH AMERICAN CRATON….. they are planning on drilling / injecting / fracking the entire edge of the…

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