1 Year Later and Not a Peep from Texas Brine

They gotta lotta nuttin’ to say on their “response” site. EL BARFO remembers.

Where’s Sonny Cranch? – oh, we found him“. . . .there have been no contaminants either waterborne or airborne that have escaped into the surrounding environment.” umm hmm.

The Independent [UK] A way of life on the brink of extinction in the Louisiana bayous
Forced out of their homes near a toxic sinkhole, the residents expected help. A year on, they still wait

“Like so many other communities here in the Delta, Bayou Corne had learned to live side by side with the chemical and energy industry that has installations scattered throughout the area. It has been 10 years since a methane leak at a Dow Chemical plant up the road led to the evacuation of residents for three months and killed off a swathe of trees and vegetation. Today, a mandatory evacuation order is still in effect, although not everyone has complied. Bayou Corne is in danger of extinction.”

The AdvocateHonoré: ‘People will not sit by’

LT. General Russel L. Honoré, US Army (Ret) has a website and it is added to the sidebar under ‘Other’ section. 

WAFB –  Mixed emotions expressed as homeowners assemble for sinkhole anniversary  < has VIDEO

Video capture from above:

LINK –  http://youtu.be/3qEkEAfTCA8


3 thoughts on “1 Year Later and Not a Peep from Texas Brine

  1. I did a little research on the old holding ponds in Oak Ridge TN for low-level radioactive waste.
    One name came up “Project Salt Vault”
    The geology of the reservation is the most complex of any DOE site.
    The Oak Ridge Reservation is characterized by a series of linear outcrop patterns of sedimentary rocks. Thrust faults are common, as shown by the lines with triangular symbols.

    Here is what “Project Salt Vault” was about.
    After studying an abandoned salt mine at Lyons, KS for eight years as a waste disposal site, the Atomic Energy Commission attempts to store 180,000 gallons of contaminated water in a borehole there. Unfortunately for this effort, dubbed “Project Salt Vault”, the water promptly and unexpectedly disappears. Project Salt Vault is abandoned two years later.

    I did not do a search for “Project Salt Vault” in Louisiana salt domes.

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