1 Year Plus . . . Monday News

Seismic activity went way up yesterday at LA12 just after noon. Then today the helicorder went off line. LA14 did the same yesterday but is working today and looks calm. LA11 did the same. The others look calm yesterday and today.

UPDATE 7 p.m. CST – Many Seismos going off. Large seismic activity late in the day.

LA15 has been broken down since Aug. 1st.


Since it took Gov. Piyush “Bobby” Jindal 7 months to bother to visit the giant disaster, caused in great part by state agencies granting permit after permit to over-drilled Assumption Parish players.  That means he may dawdle by next February or March (2014) to see what happened at the one year anniversary.

No government agency heads in Louisiana bothered to attend the community meeting this weekend.

There is

  • NO Science Committee 1 year evaluation
  • NO statement by Texas Brine
  • NO statement by cavern owner, Occidental Petroleum
  • NO press release from Jindal’s office
  • NO CBI 1 year summary
  • NO Blue Ribbon “path forward” blueprint blah, blah  put out on the 1 year mark – even if it a bunch of B.S.
  • NO cessation of seismic activity, oily leaks, gas build-up from Lake FUBAR

One thought on “1 Year Plus . . . Monday News

  1. Helicorder movements during work & commute hrs. are tricky to interpret because traffic on I70 & crews cause vibrations. However, this morning beyween 1 am & 2:30 there appeared to be liquid/gas & rock movement in several caverns….

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