Chemical Train Wreck N.W. from Lake FUBAR

New Orleans Times-PicayuneDerailed train in Louisiana carrying highly toxic substances, Jindal says

“. . . three cars were leaking as of late Sunday. One is leaking lubricant oil while a second is leaking Dodecanol, a tasteless, colorless alcohol that can cause mild skin irritation. The third, however, is carrying a highly corrosive substance called caustic soda, or lye. Two other cars containing a highly toxic, flammable, and carcinogenic substance called vinyl chloride monomer have damage to their exteriors but no signs yet of apparent leaks. . . “

“Of the 23 cars that derailed Sunday, 14 contained “regulated substances” that are harmful or toxic.”

It is northwest from Lake FUBAR along I-90,  60 miles west of Baton Rouge.




Reader, Keith C. M. says

Things already look peculiar!
Espinoza said the railroad ties were renewed in 2011 and the track was inspected about three hours before the accident.

100 homes evacuated after Louisiana train derailment

Reader, David H. wonders if there is a FAULT running under there.


10 thoughts on “Chemical Train Wreck N.W. from Lake FUBAR

  1. Sonny Cranch IS going to be upset, they’ve only gone and SPILT that tanker of special order Dodecanol aftershave of his.

    Dodecanol, a tasteless, colorless alcohol that can cause mild skin irritation… Just like Sonny Cranch.

  2. I can’t be a hundred percent certain, but I suspect that there is a fault-line running underneath that area.

    They’ll almost certainly say that it was faulty maintenance, and as the track had just been inspected, that leaves the ‘rolling stock’.

      • Nowadays, whenever a disaster happens in the Louisiana or it’s neighbouring states ( inc. Texas ), I tend to suspect that ‘earth movement’ is connected somewhere…

        Disasters such as…

        Train derailments…
        Bridge collapses…
        Explosions at plants, or pipes…
        Lake Fubar breaking wind…
        Guv. Jindal waking up…
        Sesame street.

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