Tuesday News

Stephen Sabludowsky  at the Bayou Buzz – Busy Jindal: derailment, ammonia plant and sinkhole paradise

[snip] ” . . .  Jindal skipped a meeting of the national governors but did manage to attend another campaign stop outside the state before he preached in New Orleans to a Red State website event along with other GOP hopefuls.
But, did he make it to Lake Jindal on the one year sinkhole disaster anniversary, held this weekend?

Unusual seismic activity this morning. NOW LA12 is off line(!). LA17 shows FLUID MOVEMENT. Hang on . . . . heli_button

LINK – http://youtu.be/rnZ2SqMuRXg

Sheriff Ackal says Lake Peigneur Could be Worse than Assumption Sinkhole < with VIDEO About Lake Peigneur

Bayou Corne-type disaster could happen elsewhere



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