Louisiana Sinkhole: Monsters Below; Monsters Above




First Time YT VIdeo




This is the report by Pierre Berest I spoke of in the video.


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22 thoughts on “Louisiana Sinkhole: Monsters Below; Monsters Above

    • Freedomrox
      I think you for what you did with that video you did as good as you could with what you had to work with and what you know about that salt dome what your telling me was that salt dome is still attack to the mother salt deposits that good.
      As far as how deep that sink hole is still unknown.
      As far as the faults lines I think they go down very deep is any of them part of the New Madrid line I just don’t know.
      As far as the salt reposting in the salt dome I think it could happen a lot quicker them you think not 1,000 of years I think it can happen in years coming from the mother salt deposit.

      • Sorry it did not meet your high standards Walter. I apologize. Depth is pretty well explained within the limits of our current tech. I stated clearly that within 7-10 years, salt creep will extend into the DRZ, instead of 1000’s of years normally.
        As for the fault lines, the nascent Fault Block shattered by the actions of Texas Brine’s Mill Out has altered the geology of the region forever.
        It truly was an act of greed, and not a comedy of errors, that has led to this un-natural disaster.

      • Any time you got salt coming from the mother salt deposit into the salt dome that can make that sink hole deeper.

  1. Thank you for this video. I learned a great deal about what is going on with this disaster. I will check freedomrox on wordpress soon.

    • Thank you sir or ma’am. I know I started at the middle, but needed to get this out for the actual residents in danger. I appreciate you all for reading and watching.

  2. Good job Freedomrox, I appreciate the effort and your knowledge. Videos are require alot of time and effort to make. I have made a bunch myself. Thanks again.

  3. Great job FR! Just said a prayer for you the other day, as it seemed you disappeared! These greedy, evil doers think they can hide behind their technical jargon and you have shined a light on their deceptions!

  4. Thanks FR,
    I have a much better understanding of the geology as it might exist. Your video was great. Don’t apologize for anything! This is a “people helping people” moment. Some citizens in this area are well educated in the terminology–the very monster that created this also taught some the technical jargon and where to look for information.

    Your video even gave me a way to visualize a positive outcome–eventually, and pray positive, instead of just harbor fear. Thanks

  5. I am literally overwhelmed by the emails and responses I am getting. Please understand it is not just myself working on this, and the ‘silent heroes’ are truly in need of a recognition they will never receive. Tony, you are right, and vids are time-consuming and frustrating, but the only medium these days that seems to convey the correct message.
    Truth is, FCF, nor I could ever exist if it was not for the dedicated and wonderful people that make it all possible….our readers. You folks have more heart, guts, and ideas, than all we bloggers combined. I want to say “Thanks” to each and every one of you.

    • You did a great job with the video, Freedom…Tennessee twang and all 🙂 Lots of us folks understand things much better with visuals. Appreciate it!

    • Well, this may show up twice as I posted earlier but I don’t know what happened to it.

      I think you did a great job, Freedomrox. I’m sure everyone likes your Tennessee twang! As much as I like to read, I am a visual learner so, I appreciate the video and explanations. Thanks!

    • yes, yes and yes!
      The Bugle too is a group effort.
      Lots and lots of great stpories get sent in by e-mail as well as comments.

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