Video – Next Mega Quake – all about the Gulf and BP and Lake FUBAR

LINK ––MGh-rEb9Y


5 thoughts on “Video – Next Mega Quake – all about the Gulf and BP and Lake FUBAR

    • thanks! just saw it (I was off line today)
      For some reason my video embed doesn’t work on re-posts … but the vid link is there.

  1. Would the risk area extend into the Northern portion of Indiana when the Wabash fault zone does not extend into Northern Indiana is what I wonder. I believe a significant quake on the Wabash would be felt in Northern Indiana as the quakes in the Midwest tend to be felt at greater distances than quakes like the ones in California.

    I have seen the “Navy” map before but doubt that is from the Navy as I have never seen a source or link to an actual Navy site that it could be found at nor have I been able to find one. The origins of this new geography for the USA always seem to lead back to the predictions by Edgar Cayce. Who may be right, he did predict that Japan must go into the ocean and at least in the Fukushima area that may be true the way things are going lately. 

    The concern among scientists does appear to be focused on the Wabash zone as being the possibly the next place for the “big one” in the Midwest. I just don’t see the connection coming all the way up to the Great Lakes other than an earthquake being “felt” there.

    • I agree the Navy map is oft repeated without main source listed. I thought an earlier Henning Kemner video listed the document but it could be a bogus map.
      DARPA and many gov’t agencies live off of made-up threat scenarios so it could be from some wacky plan after all.

      The part I thought had interesting info was the large amount of water deep underground. In the midwest many get their drinking water from it.

      The quake maps of New Madrid Zone I occasionally post here show lots more activity in central and south Indiana than in north of the state. ANF map is more reliable than USGS for that.

  2. Haven’t viewed video yet, but i can tell you, the nuclear plants in the east are more numerous than what shows above. On a chart I viewed in 2011, South Carolina had at least 13 plants. And that was then. The nuclear industry loves South Carolina and Florida. There were at least 2 in southeast Georgia near the Fla border, and one in eastern Alabama- that one may show. Florida is about to get one or 2 more- it’s green renewable in Florida you know. South Carolina/Georgia border also has the MOX plant. South Ohio or North Kentucky has one near Portsmouth , OH on the Ohio River which as far as I know is in operation. Paducah Kentucky has a nuclear fuel plant and so does east Tenn, I I’ve just blanked on the town. Tennessee has a at least a few. 2 were in the news after Boston Marathon.

    I was also impressed at the time with how dense the east coast was with nuclear plants.

    As the video may state, the geological disturbances along new madrid resonate to the areas to the east, through the mountains and back down to coastal plains both east and south. ( as well as other areas through faults, river systems), I have observed the domino effect of smaller quakes on various seismic recorders in the south, thanks to people who lived in those states posting them. South Carolina also has a fault line a bit in from the coast which runs parallel to the coastline.

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