Is it SAFE for Workers to be at the Berm Roads??

At 5 a.m. this morning the helicorders show a terrific fluid movement event from 5 to 6 a.m.. And around 7 a.m. the work trucks all start up dumping fill on the berm roads.     heli_button

Walter spotted activity yesterday that was ominous. Is NO ONE at the site looking at the helicorders?


LA14 this morning:




9 thoughts on “Is it SAFE for Workers to be at the Berm Roads??

  1. It seems like people are going to have to start being injured or killed before anyone is going to care about this mess. My wife has family within 100 miles and they could not care less.

    • it seems inevitable . . . 😦
      I happen to watching this vid of Japanese people blighly ignoring firemen’s warnings about the tsunami coming and driving around on idiotic errands …

      • Horrible! Was this in Fukashima? Are the fires in the distance from the NPPs? And all the coughing at the end…

      • source –

        I feel Assumption Parish residents need to quit feeling their location is safe and just go! These people in the video dawdle around the sidewalk watching the tsunami shove boats around when they should be heading up steep stairs!

        The whole coast near that side of Japan was wiped away.

        Please, Louisianans – take HEED!

      • that vid has me freaking out!
        And I’ve seen a LOT of vids!
        How can you take the moment back if you stay too long?

        We have almost NO info from Lake FUBAR except these measley helicorders and so far, they haven’t lied. They’ve been off line, removed and broken. But They do not lie.
        GO. GO. GO!

      • I don’t blame the people in this video for thinking that they were safer than they were. It was new to them (& us). And it happened really fast, especially in northeastern Japan. Also, apparently no one considered that the shoreline would subside and render the seawalls ineffective. (hmmm, sounds a bit familiar….)

  2. NO! Even if they aren’t there the next time a berm collapses, they are being chronically exposed to environmental poisons. I have yet to see them wear protective breathing gear….

  3. You know through this whole event, I haven’t learned a single thing from any local or state leaders, and very little from local media, about our geology, the technical aspects of drilling, why exploration companies choose particular locations, the many types of energy production practices in our state or about the risks involved in any of the activities. Nothing about the hazards to our environment or our health. In fact, the opposite. They just all preach jobs, jobs, jobs. Although, there is a mandatory evacuation order and a declaration of emergency in place, I haven’t heard any of the legislature state that this is a very dangerous situation and that residents NEED to get out of there. Everything I’ve learned about our tectonic system and the industry’s impact on our seismicity, I’ve learned from searching state and federal agency websites and from others doing the same thing. Even the SELA Flood Protection Authority – East’s suit against the oil companies is for the damage done by the canals dug by the industry; not for the subsidence caused by hydrocarbon withdrawal or tectonic movement. There are probably legal reasons for that. But, there are certainly more studies proving the industry’s knowledge of and affect on those two issues. There is a lot more danger to the residents living near the sinkhole from all that gas percolating through the soil down there than any official is saying…including the state’s Blue Ribbon Panel of experts, WHO DO KNOW all of risks. I’ve read study after study discussing the risk of subsidence, liquefaction and landslides from gas percolating through soil. But, there are NO officials telling residents that there is any urgency. The media is not pushing for any sense of urgency about the safety of residents either.

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