Big Gas Main Explosion – west from Chicago

Illinois Crews Battle Massive Gas Line Explosion

ERIE, Ill. — Crews in Illinois are battling a massive gas line explosion.
Witnesses say they have seen flames shooting nearly 200 feet into the air and a lot of heavy smoke.
Some say they have seen the flames from more than 30 miles away. . . .”
Erie  A comment by irhologram on ENE-News asks if underground gases could be corroding these pipes.
  This shows why we are posting these explosions on this blog . . .  in case they wind up being related to Lake FUBAR.

14 thoughts on “Big Gas Main Explosion – west from Chicago

  1. Looks like our whole infrastructure is falling apart in this country… Plant explosions, oil spills, pipeline failures…
    Meanwhile, these companies keep stacking stuff into those caverns in salt domes like they are loading for the Bjg Bang…

    • yeahhhh …. they must have further away places to stuff the butane!
      Don’t insurance companies peek into these things???

  2. In the Florida Gas pipeline explosion in Washington Parish recently, the pipes were almost 50 years old. At first the company stated the pipeline hadn’t been inspected since 2009, then later, changed their story to say they had been inspected 4 months earlier. I tend to believe the 2009 report. Wonder how old the system is in this Illinois explosion?

    • They are all old and falling apart.
      But maybe land movement stresses the older pipes.
      That’s the only reason I post all these far away explosions.

  3. I live in a small town in northeast Pennsylvania called Milford, and our School Board Directors bought property where a a 24″ high Pressure Gas Transmission Line disects the property and they want to build a new Elementary School on that site. The pipeline has been there since the 50s. Myself and others have tried to talk sense to them for about 1.5 years but to no avail. They have a long way to go yet, but i will be watching and will continue to fight this hair brained idea till the end. Any and all help in this would be greatly appreiciated.

    • All I can say is publicity helps! Try letters to local newspapers and constant internet messages in ‘comments’ to any on line articles about your schools.

      I have a relative teaching in tornado prone KC area with NO basement and no protection from big glass entries where kids have to “shelter” in halls.
      They choose the worst places nowadays for schools!!

  4. Can you imagine the destruction if there is even a 6.5M on the New Madrid, much less the predicted 8.0? Pipelines, nuclear plants, oil/gas wells, underground storage, chemical plants…none of it earthquake engineered. What survivors there are will not have any EQ insurance. Would dwarf anything ever seen!

    • I got it, in Louisiana it’s about 70 bucks a month. I got it on my house in alabama for about the same price. Well worth it.

    • and no bridge/road across the mess! supply chain nationwide brought to a halt. And town water supplies probably all decreased up and down the US too.
      USGS removing all the quake info only makes everyone MORE nervous. . . . not reassured!

  5. FCF,

    This does not take away from the importance of the report, but the location of this event is not even close to Chicago. The report says it’s close to the Iowa border, which would be the opposite side of the state near the Mississippi River.

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