Fertilizer Plant has Chemical Release in St. James Parish, UPDATE – Big (secret) Explosion in Georgia

WBRZ – Plant workers taking shelter after chemical release

CONVENT – A fertilizer plant in St. James Parish reported a chemical release today after a power outage at the facility.

According to an incident report, the Mosiac Fertilizer plant reported the release of sulfur dioxide after an outage at 10:15 a.m., but said there were no injuries.
State Police said two workers were treated at the scene, but weren’t taken to the hospital.The report said plant workers were sheltering in place at the facility, and the plant was shut down. A worker told News 2 many were being sent home for the day.

St. James Parish is right next to Assumption Parish – to the eastMAP

It was so “small” they had to issue a shelter in place order.

The AdvocateEmployees take precautions after sulfur dioxide release

ENE-News –  Series of chemical explosions rock hazardous waste plant by Florida border — Radioactive waste mentioned on company’s acceptance form — FBI responds to blast — Plumes of smoke and flames over 100 feet high (VIDEO)

Some stuff we found out about the plant owner

Georgia explosion item sent by a reader – This happened Wed. –

Perma-Fix plant in south Georgia BLOWS UP

They dispose of NUKE WASTE at the plant!!

LINK –  http://youtu.be/TfAKhWHT3bg

News links are in the ‘About’ section on the youtube page.  RSOE report.

UPDATE, Aug. 17

ENE-News – Radioactive waste mentioned on company’s acceptance form — FBI responds to blast

Elevated pH levels delayed on-site investigative work Friday at an industrial plant facility where a fire and a series of explosions occurred earlier this week.
The elevated pH levels were detected in standing water inside the Perma-Fix of South Georgia facility . . . “


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