Thursday News

WBRZ- Flood official: oil companies ‘trashed the hotel room’
Loud booms over Tennessee
‘Crazy’ ants taking over Louisiana
There’s a big blog of storm down by the Yucatan peninsula weather sites are watching.
This map shows a lot of poor air quality on the Louisiana coast and central Florida.
The Parish blog has an activity update. No trucks on the berm roads due to “dampness”.

Helicorders show crazy seismic activity, sans work trucks today. The berm roads are soggy from all the rain this week so that may be the reason trucks aren’t out there screing up the helicorder results.
5 p.m. –



NOTE: We have added newer content to the posts marking the 1 year anniversary and to some of the recent explosions. Scroll down to see them.

7 thoughts on “Thursday News

  1. If you think the berms are ‘wet’ now, just wait 2 or 3 days, because there’s a VERY good chance that ‘Invest 92L’ may come visiting.

    At most of the projected tracks have it heading north, which means crossing the Gulf, where it’s sure to pick up a fair amount water from all that warm sea water.

    And at least half of those tracks will put it within spitting distance of Bayou Corne, an outcome that cannot by any definition be seen as good.

    • They have a week of weather reports showing thunder & lightening too. Hurricane season just starting and I see no plan.
      Big plants and NPPs have giant temporary dams for emergency. I think they are filled with water. But I see no such thing being put in place around Lake FUBAR.

      • There’s nothing they can do that’ll help at this point, short of praying, which I suspect most of them do before going on shift anyway…

        “God… Please don’t let anything go wrong while I’m there.”


        On a side note…

        Those ‘damp’ berms, you DID notice didn’t you, that the damp areas just so happen to coincide with the areas of berm that have previously sunk. The damp areas ending quite literally in the same places as the subsidence did before, and the ONLY berms affected are the southern & the ‘old’ western berms.

        Maybe I’m being cynical, but there has been a LOT of activity on the helicorders lately, some of it to say the least, WEIRD…

        And if I was to put things together, then maybe 2 + 2 will equal 4, and not some odd number that TB pulled out of a hat, to placate the ‘sheeple’.

        2 + 2 in this case being that I think those berms have started to sink again.

      • I agree! And I think they didn’t pull trucks away due to dampness.
        A] the berms can’t hold the weight of trucks where they sag
        B] they are doing a Code 4 without saying so because they know the seismos show it isn’t safe
        . . . . or both A & B!

  2. There was some movement on the recorder last night Aug 15, 2013 it started at 21: 51 CDT or 02:51 UTC time.

    It did not stop tell Aug. 16, 2013 at 02:10 CDT or 07:10 UTC time.

    All the recorder here show it even the one’s in Arkansas.
    I try to find where the Earthquake came from I could not find anything why is our own government hiding this things from us.

    • The vid I posted last night from BP Earth watch said that earlier big Columbia/Panama earthquake (on the Pacific side) a few days ago showed up on the helicorders that were way deep but not on the ones closer to the surface. There was a 4.8 in Guatamala yesterday. I didn’t do the time conversion.
      2013-08-16 00:56:39 UTC

      There’s a link to a time zone site on the sidebar under ‘REF’ section.

      OR ELSE – – it’s El Barfo doin’ its thing . . .

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