Lake Peigneur Lawsuit Hearing is Monday

From Save Lake Peigneur

REMINDER: Lake Peigneur Lawsuit Hearing is still scheduled for Monday

The judge will decide if the lawsuit will be heard or dismissed.   It is very important for people to be there to show support.
There are 45 officials, parishes, municipalities that have requested a federal standard Environmental Impact Statement at the Jefferson Island Salt Dome at Lake Peigneur. Some of the officials include former Governor Kathleen Blanco, Senator David Vitter, Senator Mary Landrieu, Congressman Charles Boustany, 2 of our local senators who also presented numerous state bills, Senator Fred Mills and former Senator Troy Hebert, former Groundwater Commissioner Scott Angelle. Eleven parishes, and numerous municipalities as well as LAWCO, Louisiana Water Authority.
The DNR will not make AGL Resources do an Environmental Impact Statement, why?

Lake Peigneur Lawsuit Hearing
Monday, August 19, 2013 9:30 AM
Iberia Parish Courthouse, 2nd Floor

Iberia 16th Judicial District Court
300 Iberia Street, New Iberia, LA
Judge Keith Comeaux

Please help if only by being there for 15 minutes.
No cell phones allowed in the courtroom.

About Lake Peigneur
Monday’s hearing will determine if our lawsuit will be heard.
Our opposition, the DNR Coastal Management division and AGL Resources argue that the approval of their permit is based on Injection and Mining (I & M) approving their permit.
Our argument is if I & M approve their permit, the project will begin immediately not giving us any opportunity to fight to stop the dredging and drilling to create the caverns. We will be too late to stop the project if this lawsuit fails.

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