Helicorders Showing Lots of Activity


LA12 shows many types of seismic grumbles.   heli_button Some of the recent Central American earthquakes may have shown up on the helicorders. No statement by the officials or USGS on it.



Something went “PLOP!” just before 2.a.m..   This Guatemala volcano might make a ruckus too. LA15 is still out of commission.  LA17 just went down too.Helicorder_13_15out

Thanks David H. for the news tip – 😉

A reader, Rick sent in this screen shot from ANF of large Northern Hemisphere (N. Atlantic) earthquakes that may have affected the helicorders.  eq_8_17_13



Big seismic activity shown on the helicorders. LA12 shows what’s happening.

The following helicorders are out of service:


15 thoughts on “Helicorders Showing Lots of Activity

  1. Posted 11 hours ago – U.S. Geological Survey

    An earthquake with magnitude 6.5 occurred near WELLINGTON, New Zealand at 02:31:07.42 UTC on Aug 16, 2013. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)
    here’s the link http://www.google.org/publicalerts/alert?aid=833e79c37e52d641&hl=en&gl=US&source=web

    At this exact time, #12 was doing those crazy lines. You have to look back to August 15th to see the UTC time scale, but they coincide.

    Our earth is so fragile. I wonder if it is just the land being monitored that shows signs of the shaking or could you literally get those shake monitors to go off anywhere on earth following a 6.5M earthquake?

    • I just answered my own question–here is the record from the helocorders NOT at Bayou Corne.

      I think this was felt everywhwhere. This still does not bode well for the fragile ground there, but I love it when its not JUST your problem Louisiana!

    • The distance from New Orleans to New Zealand is 7679.9 Miles on the surface.

      P waves can travel 1 – 5 miles a second, and travel as a straight line through the earth.

      So it would have taken the P waves 20 – 25 mins to reach Lake Fubar. Which by curious coincidence is the time at which last nights weirdness started ( 21:51:30 CDT ).

      So it’s well within the realms of possibility that the New Zealand quake rang Lake Fubars bell… HARD!!!

      Though I’m at a loss as to why LA 10 surface, LA 10 mid & LA 17 284m didn’t pick it up, when all the others did.

    • I think yr right! The shakemap RSS feed is on the sidebar with the times. UTC is on the right side of the helicorder charts.

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