Weekend News

Scroll down for the seismic news and the weather news.
(8-9) What Drilling Has Wrought in Louisiana

The USGS has 600 extra EQ monitors and lots of staff to go out to Vallejo, CA and dicker around with an old building to be wrecked. But they bailed out of Bayou Corne!
Baymuse sent this gem – Crosstex Energy Reports Second-Quarter 2013 Results

“The Partnership realized adjusted EBITDA of $50.7 million and distributable cash flow of $29.9 million for the second quarter of 2013, compared with adjusted EBITDA of $48.7 million and distributable cash flow of $23.4 million for the second quarter of 2012. The Partnership’s net loss for the second quarter of 2013 was $10.6 million versus net loss of $2.4 million for the second quarter of 2012.”

Tetra Tech’s “update” for 8-13 looks like really OLD information.
Texas Brine put out a “factsheet” on the CPT stuff dated Aug. 15th.  They changed their tune about “swamp gas” and mention methane. They have no incident action plan . . . the last one they thought of was a week ago. They are not collecting samples of anything to send to labs for analysis. See p. 4 here (8-13 letter to the Conservation Commissioner). Further the letter admits
they are doing NO TESTING OF:

  • Well gas
  • underslab samples
  • Indoor air
  • tilt meters
  • InSAR reflector
  • stability surveying
  • perimeter (of Lake FUBAR) survey
  • source water
  • industrial well water
  • testing for chloride, alkalinity, dissolved gases etc.

“RTU-9 located at ST-3 experienced intermittent high Oxygen readings from approximately 6:58 am to 7:32 am on 8/12/2013. The unit will be inspected by the onsite technician and serviced as needed”

Crosstex added a “new” update for Aug. 11th.



8 thoughts on “Weekend News

  1. Here’s what I think their plan is – flush the place out with rain to the gulf like a big toilet bowl and then declare it is all inhabitable with all the pollution and blame good old Mother Nature for it. The only problem is that are really bad at aiming and all the states to the east are the one’s being flooded out! http://talesfromthelou.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/on-chemtrails-bill-vander-zalm-former-premier-of-british-columbia-very-concerned-sends-letter-to-canadian-politicians/

  2. LA 10 surface, LA 10 mid & LA 16 have gone DODO i.e. dead.


    I still think that Crosstex are trying to pull a ‘fast one’ with the insurance. It’s easy enough to put a 6 digit number on reports, especially when no-one can actually verify that the product is actually there. They may well have put ‘something’ in there but it could be anything.

  3. Texas Brine has LOTS of money to cover all the problems (sarcasm). Now with the Helicorders down, just WHO is watching the hen house? The poor citizens (you know, citizens..those people who pay taxes and salaries and PURCHASE items from companies..) are forgotten. Am so sorry. rrggg too!

    • I just updated weekend news with similar outrage from USGS monitoring that CA building detonation with 600 monitors.

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