SMRI and Blue Ribbon Commission’s Conflicts of Interest

Another great piece of investigation work!!   blueribbon_boy_small




SMRI and Blue Ribbon Commission’s Conflicts of Interest.

 by: Freedomrox

As much as the Corporate Program known as “Responsible Care” is plastered on the Water Tower near Bayou Corne, and is a global initiative for every Corporate Member at the Napoleonville Salt Dome, but is not associated with Texas Brine in any way, except for the fact they are members along with every Company that does business on the Dome, yet is often misunderstood as being Texas Brine’s motto. Of course, as we’ve seen responsible care is the last thing to be associated with Texas Brine, LLC.

That is not the case with the Solution Mining Research Institute, which was actually Co-Founded by Texas Brine.  

Yet again, almost every single Company at the Dome is a Member, as is many of the Service Companies, and Support Services are shown to be Members of the Solution Mining Research Institute. It seems to be…

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11 thoughts on “SMRI and Blue Ribbon Commission’s Conflicts of Interest

  1. Good work there. I sent Jindal a letter offering my services and experience in hydrocarbon management to help at the sinkhole. To be in a role that would at least give the people of Louisiana a feeling that someone was trying to do the right thing. As I expected no reply. I have wrote two letters now to state government now with no reply, Letters to Vitter and Landrieu with no reply. I ran against Jindal in 2007 and nailed him for what he is, a bought and paid for politician. He would not even look me in the eyes or my direction when I called his name standing 5′ from him. If and when this thing lets go he’ll be in the forefront from afar like he is leading the way standing in front of cameras. But to those who have watched and the good Lord above know the truth. I can’t help feeling like it is game over and we’re just watching the time tick off of the clock.

    • that not looking in yr eyes is a lot like Jindal spokesman pretending not to hear reports at that press conference.
      They don’t dare meet a gaze unless it’s a receipt for a bribe!

  2. The Blue Ribbon Commission came into its own so they could turn the Engineering and Sciences Data into a language that the common people like me could understand what their talking about.

    • except they seem very partisan in their ‘investigation’ and mostly interested in scratch 1/100th of an inch of the surface.
      Chickens could do better!

  3. With a single bound in their Spandex tights and capes the Helicorders…

    …are really F****d up to day, is it possible do you think that they’ve been infected by ‘Cwazy Ant Syndrome’ ?

  4. And STILL Lake Fubar likes to snack ( At least she’s getting plenty of fibre in her diet )…

    Assumption Parish Police Jury

    August 18, 2013
    In this picture is a section of trees (to the east of the sinkhole) that is showing signs of sloughing in – approximately 25 trees and an area of 50′ x 25′. This pic was taken this morning.

  5. Just want to say ‘Thanks” for all the kudos. I have bitched and griped about this, since the formation of the BRC, but it took a good friend to push me into delving this deeply. If I can do it, then you know for a fact a real Investgative Reporter could have done so just as easily. To me, theis just attasts to the power the SMRI has over the Media, and the State Govt. Many thanks also to Lt. Gen. Honore for sharing and promoting this story on Facebook.

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