Helicorder Hanky-Panky & Monday News

The work trucks have started up on the berms. The few helicorders that aren’t broken are obscured by the rumbling trucks today.

LINK – http://youtu.be/bkVygNIxwLo

What happened at 10 a.m. yesterday (Sun.) to LA14??   It’s in Darrell Goad’s video.


And the same thing   happened at LA12!  They are pretty far apart on different sides of Lake FUBAR.


. . . someone is cookin’ the seismo data . . .

The Parish blog has an update.  They say they are doing monitoring but according to Texas Brine (letter to Conservation) no one is examining the samples. Some conflict in telling that air monitoring story.

We will have news soon about the meeting in Iberia Parish about Lake Peigneur and AGL.

A water pipe broke at French Settlement. It is north of Donaldsonville.

Real Coastal Warriors reports the EPA has authorized a new version of COREXIT.

Strange Sounds – Large Explosion at Cedar Falls Utilities Electric in Iowa

6 thoughts on “Helicorder Hanky-Panky & Monday News

  1. All of the helioplots on the USGS’s LISS (live seismic server system) are down. I contacted a Lind Gee in Golden, CO. and she said there was sometime of problem with a router. I think it’s done deliberately. Her email was lgee ‘at’ usgs.gov

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