Lake Peigneur Hearing Update

AGL Resources, Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, is expanding 2 of their natural gas storage caverns, and adding 2 more under Lake Peigneur that has already had one disaster. 

Famous You Tube video of the monster Lake Peigneur sinkhole

8/19/2013 Hearing at the Iberia Courthouse in New Iberia.
Save Lake Peigneur and LEAN group sued to hold the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources accountable.

Representatives from the Dept. of Natural Resources, Coastal Management, and Jefferson Island Storage & Hub were there. Attorney Lisa Jordan from Tulane represented SLP, Nara Crowley and also Wilma Subra and more than 45 people supporting Save Lake Peigneur filled the courtroom.

The DNR attorney, Billy Jones, argued that because even though Coastal Management issued the permit because the permit states that nothing can move forward unless the other permits are issued, that is was not the time to sue.

Attorney Lisa Jordan argued that the DNR was wrong in their argument. She stated that the DNR failed in their own regulatory discretion. Ms. Jordan argued that the JISH argument puts us in a Trick Bag. She also stated that the permit issued is final.  Many times Ms. Jordan stated that what the DNR said was not true.

Whether or not the suit will be allowed to continue has not been decided yet. There will be 10 days to brief, and 30 days for the judge to decide, but at least the case was not dismissed.

Here are  the TV interviews at the hearing 8/19/2013 in New Iberia-


Save Lake Peigneur lawsuit hearing


4 thoughts on “Lake Peigneur Hearing Update

    • Look to LA 17 bottom hole, for it sits right next to the Cavern casing. It is the 1,000 ft deep hole. Still waiting for instrumentation on GEO 1, which is filled with gas, and water, and where TB wanted to dump sand and oil into it’s cellar. Probably have by now, and late at night. That’s how they do the withdrawals on Oxy 3A, and that is usually around 1 or 2 AM. It’s the Modus Operandi.

    • I think so as the strumming is pretty regular … not calming down at all. This dirt rearranging is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

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