Explosion in Jefferson Parish + Tues. News

BREAKING: Jefferson Parish Explosion

WAFB – 1 injury reported in explosion at La. plant

HARVEY, La. (AP) – The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office says one person has been injured in an explosion at an industrial site along the Mississippi River.

Sheriff’s spokesman John Fortunato says one person suffered a minor leg injury in the explosion Tuesday at the Kinder Morgan bulk storage facility in an industrial area of Harvey, a New Orleans suburb on the river’s west bank.

Fortunato did not have more details. A company spokesman had no immediate comment.

Cristy Finnorn owns a nearby boutique. She says she heard about a half-dozen explosions, and saw fire and a man being taken to an ambulance. She says the fire apparently was out within 30 minutes. . .

Parish Map –  Jefferson Parish is east of Assumption Parish

LINK –  http://youtu.be/IILTmn25Lfo

Strange Sounds – Three Mysterious Explosions So Far On August 20 2013: New Jersey, Louisiana and Oklahoma

Some big plunks earlier today on the helicorders (the ones still working).

WPIX New York – Deadly dolphin plague feared along mid-Atlantic Coast  😦
“As of Tuesday, August 20th, 228 bottle nose dolphins had died in coastal waters between New York and Virginia, during the months of July and August.”

We added this article to the Methane page from 2008 about the industry drooling over ultra deep drilling in the Gulf. “The Prize Beneath the Salt“. Drilling and fracturing the Faults in the GOM, and the prize? Oil in the short term; Armageddon in the long run! – Freedomrox

The Monday meeting at New Iberia Parish about Lake Peigneur went pretty well. “There will be 10 days to brief, and 30 days for the judge to decide, but at least the case was not dismissed.” . . . more soon in a separate post.

Note: ENE-News hasn’t covered Bayou Corne events since Aug. 14th. They used to do regular coverage and have lively comments on the topic, although salted with troll-talk.



11 thoughts on “Explosion in Jefferson Parish + Tues. News

  1. This here may have been related to static electrcity. Improperly grounded truck. However I would not rule anything out.

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