Gong Sounds Down Below – Updated

LA17 overnight.


Freedomrox commented“Look to LA 17 bottom hole, for it sits right next to the Cavern casing. It is the 1,000 ft deep hole. Still waiting for instrumentation on GEO 1, which is filled with gas, and water, and where TB wanted to dump sand and oil into it’s cellar. Probably have by now, and late at night. That’s how they do the withdrawals on Oxy 3A, and that is usually around 1 or 2 AM. It’s the Modus Operandi.”

LINK –  http://youtu.be/i144UzwdP5c

THEN . .  .

LA12 got into it too . . .


. . . same deal on LA14. There was a very large, 6.2 Mexico quake on the Pacific side on Tuesday, August 20,  at 7:40:00 PM Louisiana time but it seems unrelated to these jumps.

LA12 at 7 p.m. CST –

LA12_Aug21bWAFB – Giant Louisiana sinkhole burps again, work ceased


22 thoughts on “Gong Sounds Down Below – Updated

    • I am also wondering if the increased activity has anything to do with the Sun CME that should be hitting the earth tomorrow. I am looking for more info on this.

  1. Note to all – there have been many internet outages today so … SORRY! … in advance if anyone gets stuck in the spam bin!!

  2. A possible ‘suspect’ for the ‘wiggly, wavy lines’ is…

    USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 6.3 – NNW of San Marcos, Mexico


    The timing about right, and as the two locations are closer the waves would pass through more solid material, which would slow the waves down to about 1 mile a minute second.


    On the subject of Internet outages… ENENews is ‘slow, flakey, and often pages disappear, reappear’, so ‘business as usual’ 😉

    Seriously though, don’t rely on ENENews being available.

  3. Lake Fubar appears to be going all ‘Harry Potter’ and is about to ‘Expelliarmus’ more contents.

    Assumption Parish Police Jury

    August 21, 2013
    3:25 p.m. Burp Occurring in Sinkhole

    There has been another burp that occurred and is continuing on the sinkhole. All operations have been pulled from inside of the sinkhole until activity calms down. The monitoring/alert status has been heightened to Code 3.

    Below is a definition of the codes:

    Code Levels are 1-3, with Code 1 being the lowest level of alert.

    Code 1: Minimal to no seismic activity around/below sinkhole; 10 or fewer of the sharp seismic signals associated with rock movement, called mini-earthquakes (MEQs) or the longer signals associated with gas or liquid movement, called Very Long Periods (VLPs) within 24-hour period; allows work on sinkhole and inside berm area to continue

    Code 2: Restricts work directly on the sinkhole, indicates some increased seismic activity around/below sinkhole but not at a level that indicates imminent threat of sloughing or movement below sinkhole (10 to 50 MEQs or VLPs in 24 hours)

    Code 3: Restricts all work inside the containment berm, indicates seismic activity has elevated to a point similar to what has been seen in past monitoring prior to a sloughing on the shore or movement beneath sinkhole (More than 50 MEQs or VLPs in 24 hours)


  4. This is a reply on FaceBook that I just posted.
    “Now lemme see if I have got this straight. A bunch of amateurs over at the Bugle see this burp coming 24 hours before it happens, (I include myself in this number),yet all these world class scientists cannot either interpret the data and issue a warning to the workers at the sinkhole, or just couldn’t be bothered to do so. Why should this matter? Simple. The DRZ below the sinkhole is acting as a Fractionating Plant in a similar fashion as K/D/S Promix’s plant does. Whenever a ‘belch’ happens then not only are hydrocarbons, (oil), and gases expelled, but also naturally decaying uranium and radium nuclides that are very able to mix with water and brine even speeds the processes up, and puts nearby workers in extreme danger!! The NORM nuclides of primary concern in oil production are Radium-226 and Radium-228. These decay into various radioactive progeny, before becoming stable lead. Radium-226 belongs to the Uranium-238 decay series and Radium-228 to the Thorium-232 decay series. So why do these so-called scientists not warning the workers? I call upon Marty Triche to start taking matters into his own hands and issue alerts, based on these ‘amateurs’, instead of the ‘scientists’ that seem to not give a fig about Worker and Contractor Safety!

  5. The expected resonse to the Mexico quake has arrived.
    Also, all helicorders were removed months ago…these are all geophones now run by Nanometrics but relayed to CERI in Memphis. USGS has washed its hands of the whole BC affair.

    • USGS did not washed its hands all together there was some quakes in the Gulf of Mexico there are not showing at USGS.
      Those two big Earthquake in San Marcos, Mexico they happen later them what show up at the sinkhole and the recorder in Arkansas and US recorders.

      • for some reason USGS puts out the shakemaps way before they put things on their map… I have shakemap RSS feed on the sidebar….

      • sorry for delay, Walter! Maybe its a giant underground event …. from Mexico or from Fukushima.

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