Ohio Salt Mine Operations Suspended

Cargill stops mining salt under Lake Erie out of safety concerns
CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cargill salt mine below Lake Erie has stopped mining because of concerns that the roof 1,800 feet below ground could collapse.

That’s according to Cargill spokesman Mark Klein, who said the company stopped mining salt on Monday after its first shift, sending about 100 employees home for the week with pay.

“We don’t want anybody in that area in case part of the roof comes down,” Klein said.

The problem is called “convergence,” Klein said. “Either the floor is coming up a little or the ceiling is coming down a little.” . . . .

This may relate to many themes explored here.  The story was sent in by an eagle-eyed reader. By highway driving it is 1,169 miles from Lake FUBAR:

From the Port of Cleveland – Along the Water (about the salt mine)



16 thoughts on “Ohio Salt Mine Operations Suspended

  1. “…By highway driving it is 1,169 miles from Lake FUBAR.” and by curious coincidence also near the other end of a system of faults, that runs below the Mississippi basin and through NEW MADRID!!!

    • …and if I remember correctly it’s northern end is somewhere off the coast in the North Atlantic, and to get there it runs directly under the island of MANHATTAN in New York.

    • that’s what ‘Guest’ said when we were editing the article. The super pressure from the Franken-bacteria is setting everything off. Little balloons. At least that’s my take on it.

      • If it is going to turn the eastern states of the US into an island, I just wish it would get on with it and get it over with.

        This death by a thousand ‘burps’ is getting mind numbing, it’s like trying to boil water on the lowest heat.

      • I have a full supply of liquor and microwave popcorn.
        And a giant supply of Tabasco since that may be a rare item soon.

      • FCF… If Louisiana and the Mississippi basin goes, so does Texas, or a large chunk of it. And I believe Texas is where you are… Or am I mistaken in that.

      • uh… no. I am luckily way further away than that. But anything big there affects the hemisphere.

        here is army, navy and marines???

  2. I figure my friends in Belton (just west of I-35 & east of the San Juacinto fault line) will have ocean front property.

    So we should expect Lake Erie to be like Lake Pignoir 30 years ago….and from the north end of the New Madrid…..while we’ve had earthquake after earthquake for over a month now here in the Gulf.

    This is sounding more and more like a bad movie–or worse, Daniel and Revelations…..

  3. The 1/4 inch shift in ceiling or floor..wonder if someone whose a geologist can talk about the ramifications?? Certainly Cargill recognizes something is happening, the ‘shift’, or they would not send 100 people home for the week with pay. They certainly sound careful, can you see Texas Brine doing THAT? Will a week be long enough to tell what is occurring with the cavern and the salt dome structures?

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