New Video of Trees Toppling




18 thoughts on “New Video of Trees Toppling

      • His name seems to be “John”, as the other person in the video says that name a lot. Probably John Boudreau, continuing to risk life and limb by first going out in his little boat to show the true depth and now standing on the edge to videotape the “burp”. He’s got to understand really well exactly what’s going on there to know where it’s safe to stand and that it’d be okay to go out in his little boat.

    • the Brits have been following the story. They had in-dept reporting over the anniversary at The Mail, The Independant and the Guardian did earlier long piece.
      Aussie morning tv did it too.

      • (BP) British Petroleum… perhaps the Brits have a vested interest in what happens at lake FUBAR?

  1. Local news showed a portion of this video today and talked about it as a naturally occurring event. Sad but it seems the truth will never get out.

    • The truth will come out in exciting trials to come. The state and Tex B. and Oxy will be forced to give up documents for all to see.

    • thanks!
      This AP story got lots of re-play when it was put up. The theme of home-owner hardship is what is drawing the press (the ones I’ve been in touch with) to the story. Not the larger aspects of danger from cavern contents, NORM etc. etc.

  2. this video hit WRAL Raleigh 12pm news just now. no mention of salt dome or anything else… just the sensationalism of the video. They even were so general as to say “whatever under the ground” washed away etc…

    • eventually they will have to mention it as things get released (fumes… in my opinion.
      It’s a great start.
      Everyone get busy with comments on these news sites!

  3. Note the rapid response of TEXAS BRINE to keep the oil and gases from migrating. Note the use of the containment booms..or lack of usefulness. This is a full blown disaster and tragic event(s). That was not a SMALL berm falling in…those trees had roots….and ground…

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