Either Code 3 Work Ban is being Ignored OR – There’s about to be a big BARF soon!


Freedomrox says there are no work trucks on the berms today.

Update –  they were working near LA14 making the helicorders go crazy.

Update –

NEW video from the Parish blog:

LINK –  http://youtu.be/8hdCA_gEmjQ

They also put out a MAP with thin red line showing the tree fall area. It is about 2 o’clock on Lake FUBAR.

4 P.M. – –  LA14 goes crazy.  Barf bags ready!

LA14_Aug22_2013Thanks to Jec for news flash –  😉

It was work trucks after all.


20 thoughts on “Either Code 3 Work Ban is being Ignored OR – There’s about to be a big BARF soon!

    • I put it up.
      Note – You Tube servers are ‘down’ and it may be related to NASDAQ server outage and the thing with Google going down this week.
      Exciting net news!
      WE are still up somehow!

      In case worderpress is the next to go anyone can e-mail me
      info ‘at’ rockythedog.net

      I expect net outage to be temporary.

    • just added that!

      The web person at the Parish could help everyone by making thicker lines so they’d be visible on these maps. And to enhance or dull out the contrast in the aerial photos to make maps they
      should get the free art manipularor thing from GIMP

      That way they could make everything much more clear. It doesn’t need a lot of savvy to operate.

  1. LA 14 is going NUTS guys and gals. Keep an eye out and be careful. LA12 is okay, but LA11..again see the GREEN machine going nuts. A BARF or major event??? Take care.

    • ok … but it could be work trucks, machines. Maybe a generator to run worklights? FR says they are working nearby… I guess within Code 3 limits.

  2. Yes, FcF, and they did not lose containment. Thank God. But the excavator was working at Pad 9 (LA 14), and they were tagging the “bottom” of Oxy 3A, and working on removing all the salted valves TB just got fined for, (or threatened anyhow). So the big spikes was the Excavator digging. What a day!

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