New Fly Over Video & Late Thursday News

The Parish blog has a longish statement on the trees falling in. They falsely claim the helicorders are working. This is patently false. They have had major outages all week as described on this blog. They have also put up a new 47 second long fly over video.

Since we have so many new viewers today, here is the LOCATION of the BUTANE CAVERNS.
In response to the trees falling in video going viral expect a lot more of those lying BP ads on tv during the news!

WBRZ – Other options on the table for sinkhole buyouts

State coastal authority votes to request East Bank levee authority to block oil, gas, pipeline lawsuit

“The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Wednesday voted to request the East Bank levee authority to drop its lawsuit against 97 oil, gas and pipeline companies that was aimed at getting the energy firms to repair damage done to wetlands and land in its area, or to pay for unrepairable damages, with the money to be used to improve levees. . . .”

WAFB – Residents pack bags after sinkhole swallows more trees < has VIDEO

RAW VIDEO: Another tree falls victim to giant Louisiana sinkhole
The AdvocateAssumption sinkhole video makes big Internet splash

“Parish government officials said Thursday they had fielded 80 contacts from news organizations since the video was posted on a parish blog about 7:15 p.m. Wednesday.”


The Parish blog says DNR has everything in hand. I guess we’ll shut down this blog . . .  (NOT!)  smile1

2.3 quake in Damascus, Arkansas < MAP

STANDBY: Another Mexico quake. This one is 4.2 (in case it affects helicorders). 10 large quakes near there in past 39 days.


6 thoughts on “New Fly Over Video & Late Thursday News

    • the tanks visible in the videos are evaporation tanks (roofless).
      The bad stuff is deep underground and not visible in fly overs.

  1. The way those trees wemt down seems to conflict with this reported shape of the sinkhole. If there really is a gentle gradient from the edges to a central deep hole then trees couldn’t go straight down like that.

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