World Press Latches Onto Tree Tumble Story from Bayou Corne


BBCHuge sinkhole swallows tree in US state of Louisiana

The Mirror [UK] – Dramatic video shows sinkhole swallowing up trees in less than a minute

They got the facts all wrong and mix up Lake FUBAR with water drainage caused Florida sinkholes.

SKY News [UK] – Sinkhole: Trees Swallowed In Louisiana
The Metro [UK] – Gigantic Louisiana sinkhole swallows dozens of trees whole
Back in the USA:
MSN has it.  And they have this –  Watching this Louisiana sinkhole swallow trees has put us in a trance
WXYZ (ABC News, Detroit) Louisiana sinkhole swallows trees in seconds

“. . . It forced a mandatory evacuation in that area. Since then, state and federal agencies have been monitoring it.  That’s why cameras were already rolling when this sinkhole swallowed the trees.”

CNN shows the whole video online.
NY Post Terrifying Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows Up Entire Trees In Seconds < very good report with a quote from Mother Jones article.
The Atlanta Journal Constitution covers it.
Songwriter,Mona Dugas, is famous in Boston! The The Boston Herald shows her Bayou Corne song in their story.
The Advocate says that was John Boudreaux making this famous trees-falling video.
New Orleans Times-Picayune coverage.
Internat’l Science Times – Louisiana Sinkhole: Trees Swallowed In Seconds As 24-Acre Sinkhole Expands
Video of the trees in reverse(!) – MASSIVE Louisiana Sinkhole Devours Whole Trees in Seconds Flat
Live Action Performance of Louisiana Sinkhole
Buzz Feed – Watch This Incredible Video Of A Sinkhole Swallowing A Grove Of Trees
Mining Madness: 750-Foot-Deep Sinkhole Swallows Louisiana Town
The Weather Channel – Louisiana Sinkhole: Entire Trees Sucked Into Ground

OpEd News has always covered it. Relentless Bayou Corne Sinkhole Nearly 30 Times Original Size
Blogoshpere giant, Gawker, covers it.
Basically all the major news outlets will have these trees falling over by tonight. Let’s hope some of them delve into the story to get past the “Lake” part of Lake FUBAR and get to the “FUBAR” part. The news story is in the compromised cavern contents and the immeasurable threat that poses to the state, the country and possibly, the continent.
For the Press – see our summary of events page for extra sources and info.


12 thoughts on “World Press Latches Onto Tree Tumble Story from Bayou Corne

  1. Finally, Lake Fubar is getting some “respect”. As you have shown, it could happen anywhere, at anytime and people’s lives, livelihood, and future is at grave risk. After viewing this AM, I couldn’t imagine who was risking their lives standing so near, on the edge of this catastrophe…but thankfully they did. The trees, all the trees have disappeared, and yet those “fools” keep playing with it. All the trees that have died and/or are dying, slipping downwards into (“whats the estimated depth now?”) bottomless chasm. After watching this from the beginning, it grows wider each day. I think the reason they don’t offer valid explanation, is because they are hoping it will stop itself. (Surely, it can’t swallow the whole of Louisiana?) The berm roads are a joke as is the Natural Resources Dept and politicians who sit on their duffs and ignore this hole. Maybe they are afraid they if they don’t pay attention it will go away…NOT! Now we are seeing the world wake up to this issue. And thankfully, LA Sinkhole has it all documented. Back up your files offsite, so the TPTB can’t destroy all your work! Sorry for the long-winded post. Keep up the great work!

  2. This might not be so good. If you’re a conspiracy theorist you might see this as an opportuity for something to happen that is man made and be blamed as a naturally occurring event. Not good news at all.

  3. Take a look at all the trees coming down in 2009 in Polk County in East Tennessee.
    Polk County Tennessee Rockslide Nearly Kills Road Crew

    I-40 West, North Carolina-Tennessee Border
    This happen in Aug 2013

    I think this happen in 2009 or 2010 along I-40 road.

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