Oxy 3 Cavern Floor Rises 116 Feet! + Friday News

The Parish blog says it rose 116 feet in a week!  Some more news from them.

Crosstex keeps doin’ it’s thing. They put up an update dated Aug. 20.


We found a Situation Summary  for Aug. 16th from GOHSEP. Page 35 gets into monitoring they say they are doing that Texas Brine says they aren’t doing. Oh, wait! They say they are doing monitoring north of Highway 70.
DEQ has left the building! Page 53- “The DEQ Command Post has been moved to Alexandria Staging Area due to Tropical Weather SOP”  DNR has a new Inspection Report (8-21)

2.3 quake in Ridgely, Tennessee < MAP

NBC 33 has sage words from  Sonny Cranch:

. . . Texas Brine spokesman Sonny Cranch said while it may look bad they are pretty sure the sinkhole won’t grow much more.
“The sinkhole, we think, is reaching close to its stable size. But this is a process of that process. (????) There will probably be some more trees slough in, as there have been in the past,” explained Cranch.
But Cranch admitted there is no way to know if or when the sinkhole will stop growing.
“We can only watch and be prepared to contain the sinkhole with our berms and other methods we use,”

Hey! Sonny Cranch is moonlighting over at CNSI!

That sinking feeling: Ongoing disaster in Louisiana

” . . . . Ecologist Sandra Steingraber noted that this type of mining presents “an inherently dangerous situation. When you keep drilling over and over and over again, whether it’s into bedrock or salt caverns, at some point you have damaged the integrity of this underground structure enough that something is in danger of collapsing.”

As hydrologist Jim LaMoreaux added, companies like Texas Brine are too busy trying to “not go over a certain budget and a certain time frame” with these operations, and don’t bother to do a proper survey of the environment. These companies, he said, cut corners and fail to commission the proper studies.”

Los Angeles TimesWatch grove of trees disappear below ground

“The way you get a sinkhole is you have a void underground,” Orndorff said, “but this cavern they were drilling was several thousand feet deep, and we are not used to seeing something this deep collapse all the way up to the surface.”

The Irish TimesLouisiana reassures public as sinkhole video goes viral

“Louisiana authorities have moved to assure the public that dramatic footage showing a sinkhole swallowing several large trees was not a “new threat to public safety” in the area.
The footage has received almost 3 million views since it was posted on YouTube on Wednesday by the office of homeland security and emergency preparedness in the parish of Assumption near Baton Rouge.”

Desmog Blog has a pretty accurate write up.

Deborah Dupre – Sinkhole Salt Dome’s 940000 Barrels of Butane Moving, Seismic Activity Goes Wild, ‘Are We NUTS?’



13 thoughts on “Oxy 3 Cavern Floor Rises 116 Feet! + Friday News

  1. It looks like Lake Fubar’s kicking off tonight entertainment with…

    LA 10 bottom,
    LA 12,
    LA 14 &
    LA 17 185m

    The festivities have commenced at 16:02 CDT, and will continue until… ???

  2. That video is clearly a landslide into a callapsed saltdome, a manmade disaster that has and is devastating a community. These landsliides have been happening for over a year, and this is the first time it was captured? All these reports about, the homes are safe, it started last August, DHS is closely monitoring the situation, it’s a few hundred feet deep, it’s a barf, it’s a burp, are all distractions from the reality of this dire situation. Barf and burp imply something coming up, what is clearly happening is that the land is being sucked down to this undefined, but clearly extemely deep and severe man made volcano in the earth.

    • yes!
      And we know from earlier reports they have camera monitoring in place at the site and they keep the feed private.
      So all of the activity was probably filmed.

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