Google Censors Searches for “Louisiana Sinkhole”

It seems Google takes money from Stratfor or their criminal cronies.






8 thoughts on “Google Censors Searches for “Louisiana Sinkhole”

  1. Im not trying to cause trouble, but everyday I help clients understand their website analytics and search statistics. To do a somewhat unbiased ‘clean’ search – First, delete all your cookies and browser history, then call up an incognito browser window. Go to the Google home page and type the search words. Take note of the number of returns, then subset that to the NEWS section and look at the number found. My search yielded pages and pages of unique news sources that embedded the video. ALSO – use other search variations such as: sink hole, sinkhole – there will be differences.
    I think this story got excellent pickup all over the world.
    The bias that will still resides in the above search is the fact that your ip address ( general location ) is still acknowledged by Google and thus may receive local results.

      • didn’t mean that last reply to sound too huffy. I cannot stand Google/YouTube manipulation.
        NSA tools, the both of them

    • I know all about that cookies trick.
      I use many alt. words and non-Google search engines.
      It very obvious from traffic patterns here that Google is massively manipulating search results on this and many topics. Here they put the hammer down at the end of Nov. 2012 and again last week.
      They are being paid to do it.

      • HIGH ALERT! I am seeing thru all the reports gathered that the Aquifer is over-saturated with Gas! This can easily become a serious HAZARD to any of the Residents still in the Neighborhood! Please open your windows and allow any built up gas out! The Aquifer pressures being reported as well as the Geo Probes are showing a high uptick of Activity in the amount of gas in the Aquifer…

        I would not be surprised to find that Relief Wells, and some kick backs are possible thru Oxy 3A, and MRAA wells.


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