They ALL became very active or turned off about 3:30 –


Assumption Parish Police Jury

Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity

Monday, Aug. 26 work-

Sinkhole Activity Code 3 – highest alert level, no work allowed on sinkhole or within containment berms – though no elevated levels of seismic activity have been detected since last week’s event, Code 3 set today due to sinking of trees this morning near area of last week’s sloughing of sinkhole along eastern edge – at present, today’s sinking is believed to be related to last week’s shift, but the situation is being monitored closely for potential further development.

Sub-slab Sampling and Ventilation

– Conducting final round of under-slab vapor monitoring at 174 Crawfish Stew

– Installing additional pressure monitor at 174 Crawfish Stew

– Conducting ambient and in-stack monitoring of ventilation systems of all five installed systems


– Connecting ORW 42 to flare (north of La. 70, west of Texas Brine facility)

– Drilling ORW 48 (south of…

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24 thoughts on “CODE 3

  1. Mad props to you for keeping the sinkhole ‘visible’ all this time until The World finally discovered it. And the archived info is great treasure. (Maybe even evidence in a trial someday.)

    • Thanks!
      I hope it helps reporters play catch-up!
      Lawyers may find the search tags good for looking up old items.

  2. Note 24 under vapor monitoring of 174 Crawfish Stew. Now wonder what is happening there? Any clue? And why just one slab? One would think……

  3. Glad to see they changed the term of burp to sink – now we are heading in the right direction! Really, this week’s sinkage is related to last weeks sinkage? How about all the landslides are related to the initial failed drilling operation that Texas Brine refused to address from the onset! Was that in 2010? At this point what difference does it make? Pay all those who have suffered and must leave for all the pain, injury and lying a respectible sum for their properties plus 100%!

  4. HIGH ALERT! I am seeing thru all the reports gathered that the Aquifer is over-saturated with Gas! This can easily become a serious HAZARD to any of the Residents still in the Neighborhood! Please open your windows and allow any built up gas out! The Aquifer pressures being reported as well as the Geo Probes are showing a high uptick of Activity in the amount of gas in the Aquifer…

    I would not be surprised to find that Relief Wells may blow out, and some kick backs are possible thru Oxy 3A, and MRAA wells.


  5. What I’ am trying to point out is the date 04/18/2013 in this video when this trees went deep six at the sinkhole today is 08/26/2013.
    Do a search on youtube type in ‘Sinking trees 4-18-13’

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