Military Caravan to N.O. + Monday News

What the heck?

Before It’s News – Mass Military Movement: New Orleans – Updated! Exclusive Beforeitsnews Picture With Additional Video Report


Reader, Mark, asks what if Lake FUBAR is creating a big overhang around the edges?

“could it be just the soil and debris that lightly settled into that shape, what if the rim of the lake isn’t the edge of the sinkhole. Imagine the above pic filled to the brim with water/oil/toxics, the ledge surrounded by 100′ cypress trees with mud and debris extending below and much further behind the surface perimeter…..”

Like this example:  overhang

The ABC News story (video below) has their artist version showing more straight sides on Lake FUBAR than the “official” diagram.


Seismos – scroll ahead to 1:30 – – – –



That trees-falling-in viral video from the Parish Blog has 5,598,964 hits today and getting more. That doesn’t count small blogs that re-posted it and have huge traffic. The AP re-post has 284,441 views. So add a few million to the original you tube count to include all the reposts. It is added to the ‘Video’ section on the sidebar




There is some heavy weather over Texas that may come to Assumption Parish later today.


Attorney Stuart Smith’s blog has set up a page of news headlines about Bayou Corne and we added it to the RSS feed on the sidebar. He has this  news about last year’s explosion t Black Elk Energy’s West Delta 32 production platform in Grand Isle – Embassy of the Philippines vows to protect claims of workers hurt in Gulf blast

[8-19] Earthquake watcher 53 North has this – Pressure on Bayou Corne Sinkhole

The Examiner – Flammable butane moving in La. sinkhole crippled salt dome

“As an operation had just begun to move 940,000 barrels of flammable butane from one cavern to another Wednesday in the crippled Napoleonville Salt Dome where the historic Louisiana sinkhole disaster is, as officially permitted by state leaders, seismic activity went wild and the monster sinkhole gulped down more trees. Over five million people around the world have viewed a video captured of the event.”

Spectra to expand gas pipeline system to meet industrial demand in Louisiana

“The project would involve construction of about 35 miles of 20-inch-diameter and 24-inch-diameter pipeline extending from Texas Eastern’s 36-inch-diameter system in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, to interconnections with multiple sites in Louisiana’s Assumption, Ascension and St. James parishes, as well as a new compressor station . . .”

Scroll down to Aug. 24 for a new item on the Ohio salt dome collapse. Updates on it will go there.


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