We Want to See CORRECT Diagrams of Lake FUBAR


When will the charts in the CBI public presentations get corrected?

The illustrations of shape, depth and contents of Lake FUBAR don’t match what is playing out before our eyes. You have essentially been exposed as giving out misleading information to the public about the collapsed salt dome at Napoleonville. Was this by error?

Is it a deliberate disinfo campaign because all he11 has broken loose down below and you gotta show something ‘different’ to calm down angry residents?

Did you take over a year (instead of 2 weeks) to do a 3-D survey as a stall for litigation reasons?
Is pressure below being affected by the oil-eating, untested, genetically-modified bacteria  put in the Gulf and underground to bring more profits to oil and gas companies? Is there a way to “recall” the oil-eating, untested, gentically-modified bacteria?

Does Texas Brine pay management level oil industry careerists to troll Face Book, blogs and social media to keep “their” version of events at Bayou Corne repeated?

Does Texas Brine, Occidental Petroleum or other big oil and gas entity pressure the local business-friendly media not to question Texas Brine’s version of events at Bayou Corne?

Did the  USGS and other agencies obscure or omit important information about faults in the Gulf coast states and offshore near oil field areas to ease the drilling permit process? Did they do the same for information about dead volcanoes?

Which caverns in Assumption Parish are fully intact and which ones are compromised or failing? Are there new M.I.T. results on all of them? Did DNR tell anyone to do them?

Texas Brine brags they have “world experts” helping solve the problem at Bayou Corne. Why do these “world experts” all have career ties to Texas Brine?  And isn’t it true these are not the ‘top’ experts in the field? And isn’t it true there has been no international outreach in the science community for opinions about a solutution for the disaster? And why are only brine and oil men involved? Wouldn’t it help to bring in expertise from other fields?

If Texas Brine has confidence in their science team and the Blue Ribbons why isn’t the live cam public?

Has there been a test using dye or smoke etc. to find the source of any leaks from caverns?

If the methane is being flared off and/or vented from Bayou Corne what happened at Crawfish Stew location yesterday? Did the pressure increase or are there more methane spots appearing?

Why hasn’t anyone tested the bubbling at Lake Peigneur  to see if it has the same trouble as Bayou Corne? Ditto New Orleans area.

If that bubbling is related doesn’t this disaster need better management than Texas Brine can provide?

Why do NASA, Google Earth and Digital Globe refuse requests to show satellite imagry of the disaster? Were they told not to show it?

9 thoughts on “We Want to See CORRECT Diagrams of Lake FUBAR

      • They have a reason for that.
        Someone put out the batsignal for On Wings of Care!
        Reporters – get up a cash pool to fund a fly over from them. About $500 …. a bargain for a hot story!
        WAFB … your helicopter is gettin’ rusty!

      • I thing that the right side I am thinking of I been wanting to see that side for four month now.
        That where all that oil was at across the road and to see that third oil holding tank.

      • Has fall started there yet? More of the trees are looking gray & i’m wondering if it’s because they’re fixin to shed their summer adornments or if they’re dying. I’m thinking that they’re dying since I don’t see the rich brown colored leaves they usually show in the fall. But I hope I’m wrong.

  1. Here’s one device for measuring mud density, something like this could give an idea of the actual depth and size of the sinkhole regardless of the sediment layer…


    Maybe something like this has been conducted, but that info seems very hard to find, the surface of the sediment, witches hat or whatever they are calling it seems fluid and relatively pointless, the actual size of the hole (undisturbed wall) would be a better indication of where the next sheer would be for both safety and planning it would seem…..

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