Parish Blog gives Tues. Update + News

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Assumption Parish blog version of events. 5:40 update: grout hose busted during grouting several times.
Bayou Buzz – Alert level raised [Monday] at Assumption Parish sinkhole(
NBC – Big break in dolphin die-off: It’s an ‘outbreak’ of measles-like virus
Is Fracking Causing Big Sinkholes in the South?
Statement by Louisiana Bucket Brigade:

  if you have Power Point see this related item.


Crosstex is still ADDING butane to their caverns. Aug. 26 Update.


27 thoughts on “Parish Blog gives Tues. Update + News

  1. Ummm. FcF, yes they did…. A kickback blew the grout hoses in several places….

    “Update on last night’s activity on Crawfish Stew Street…

    The MiHPT grout hose busted during grouting several times; therefore, a plan was put into place to perform a conventional grouting. The conventional grouting technique was completed by 9:30 p.m. last night. Observation by state & parish agencies showed no leaks at that time. This was reconfirmed this morning.”

  2. I won’t tell you what their buckets are full of because there are ladies that frequent this website. Sensationalizing and misrepresenting facts is as dangerous as covering up the facts.

      • I have dealt with these people and I cannot talk about specifics due to litigations. However I will tell you that every plant in this state is permitted to emit a certain number usually in ppms or lbs/hr of various gases. Being good stewards these companies report any overages of these emmissions no matter how minute. These are reported to the State Police and various Federal and local agencies if needbe. These people take these reportings and report them as major events within the state. She reference the accidents, why aren’t these people there? More than likely the USB is investigating and will work these incidents until a cause is found. The USB is very accurate and precise and a lot of improvements in many industries have taken place as a result of their investigations. One thing that these people don’t have access to is formal investigations that each company does when there is a breach in their air quality permits. Many time the amount called in is an estimate due to the fact there is such a short window to respond in. When ivestigationsare completed many of these are rescinded by the state because calculations in formal investigations are made by Engineers to give hard numbers. She makes no mention of this. She paints a picture that the various industries run amuck and have no conscious towards the environment and surrounding communities. I can assure you that this is not true. The industry bends over backwards taking steps to ensure the safety of the enviroment, the sorrounding community , and it’s workers. Now there are a few who may not be as good as the whole but being fair you cannot lump everyone into one basket. If they talked about the truth they wouldn’t have much to talk about.

      • I made a rather lengthy answer and it did not post. I’ll see if it went to the spam box before retyping.

      • Thank you Tony Gentile, Freedomrox & Flying Cuttle Fish for responding. Tony, the point of the protest seems to be the apparently cosy relationship between the petrochemical industry and the Dept of Natural Resources. Until reading Texas Brine’s list of services offered I’d thought that the DNR served to protect our environment in part by reviewing plans that would affect it and then deciding whether or not to permit proposed activities. According to TB’s website, however, TB issues permits to itself. So I don’t know what the DNR does. Maybe you could explain its function in LA?

        It’s good to hear from you that the industry tries to regulate itself (to the point of even calling the cops on itself!) and keep environmental poisons within proscribed limits. But it’s failed in devastating ways, in ways that the industry hasn’t been able to fix or hide. And its victims, current and potential due to long-term consequences, are sick of being forgotten once the press has moved on to other stories. It seems that the time it takes for the USB to announce its findings also buys the industry public relations time.

        It looks like you’ve left this site in a huff. It doesn’t help anyone to attack and run. In case you’re quietly browsing this site, know that I appreciate your response and your defensiveness – it means that you are concerned about people’s welfare/the industry’s public image. What you wrote has provided a little more insight into how things work inside the petrochemical industry. I’m still baffled by the LA DNR.

        I’m going to start sharing this video now.

      • note – Tony G. has sent many good comments here in the past.
        So don’t discount him on this item, although I disagree.

      • Hi, Tony – sorry I thot you’d left in a huff! I agree that misrepresenting facts is dangerous (I just did this w/you – fortunately no one got hurt!). I’m still unsure what the darn facts are re the Louisiana DNR & the petrochemical industry’s apparent self-regulation. I’ve questioned this ever since reading Texas Brine’s web pages….

      • I’m not mad or anything! Everyone has a perspective and opinion so we always will not agree.

      • Thanks for all the details. Give yr opinion – is walking around Lake FUBAR berms safe for air quality? Are fumes there really bad and do workers have to wear a gas mask or is wind blowing it all away?

      • It all depends on what toxins are present, the masks they are wearing might need be enough. For instance H2S you cannot filter out, you need a self contain breathing apparatus (SCBA). OSHA has different standards for each toxin with different permissible exposure limits. These can vary in time of exposure as well as amount. Better to be safe than sorry. the fact they are wearing masks makes me wonder what is there and what concentration.

      • I had read about masks being present (maybe just stored) for H2S. It was in the situation summary, I think… but I don’t know if they wear them or have then handy in case a detector goes off.

    • You must mean their regional health surveys. Or their chemical accident mapping project. Or their working association with the Environmental Integrity Project. Or their follow-up reporting on the Port Allen butadiene release. O r their refinery accident database. Or their refinery accident prevention program, “Refinery Efficiency Initiative”. Or their training of community members from all over on how to take proper air samples during a pollution crisis.
      Did they misrepresent the schmooze-fest taking place behind them between a regulator and the industry they supposed to be regulating? Boozing it up and feasting lavishly at the expense of tax payers (news flash) is not regulating.
      Maybe they aren’t so full of sh*t.
      The old fashioned publicity stunt maybe what is needed to goad the press into looking at the unethical conduct of the DNR, DEQ and Wildlife & Fisheries Dept.

      • Do you know what butadiene is? It can be used as a gasoline additive. Don’t breath when you fill up your gas tank! I am more worried about my caffiene consumption than I am of Butadiene. Be that as it may, industry is suposed to be good stewards of the community and environment, if they aren’t they deserve to be called out. With true facts not suppositions or half facts such as these people report to incite the public.

        I wouldn’t be so quick to say that these people in this meeting are dining on the public trust. That is supposition. Until a receipt can be produced it’s just heresay. I can see some folks already got caught up into what these people say. They don’t have a clue who is paying for it.

        I can see this conversation is going no where so you all can choose to believe what you like. It wasn’t my intent to alter anyones mind it was just to voice my opinion as they do theirs. 🙂

      • OK.
        But (in just my opinion) it looks very fishy when regulators hob-nob with those these regulate.
        There would be serious consequences for this in most of the other states (not 2nd worst in everything like Louisiana!).
        This even could honorably and easily handled by a dept, such as a commerce dept. or other ‘attract business’ entity, rather than top REGULATORY agencies.
        THAT is the beef.
        Not the event … but who opted to hold it!
        It is very scandalous.

  3. Now for the questions that can be asked by any resident to reporters, or at the conference.


    1. Although Residents were promised to be alerted to any potentially dangerous changing conditions, such as ‘burps’, ‘slough-in’s’, well blowouts, CPT/MiHPT reports, Air Monitoring by EPA, and in all ACTUALITY NOT REPORTED! WHY?
    2. Sonny Cranch has admitted to pulling brine from Oxy 3A, (which is in communication with the sinkhole, per Dr, Hecox and Don Marlin), and sent out to Oxy 2 for production. Why is this allowed considering the 3-D confirms each drawdown impacts the Western Salt Face, and exacerbates this ongoing disaster?
    3. Water infiltration of the Western Face of Salt and even shallower at where the caprock broke off in the beginning allowing trapped ‘sweet gas methane’ to release into the aquifer, yet nothing has been done to address this serious situation.
    4. Air Monitors of the sinkhole lake’s surface are not calibrated correctly, as show by whole number round offs, and not reported correctly. Why is this allowed? EPA should be the ones to calibrate, not Texas Brine contractors, that show a lesser value than is actually detected?
    5. Why has a Forced Evacuation not been declared, especially after all the detections of gas and H2S under multiple homes?
    6. Why are amateurs able to detect changes, and alert the resident’s of possible consequences the only ones actually alerting residents by email, FB posts, off site websites, sometimes up to 24 hours before an actual event takes place, yet not a word from the World Class Scientists charged with monitoring the sophisticated telemetry and seismic geophones installed, and issuing alerts hours and even days after the events happen? Why are we met with silence, when asking these simple important questions of the Command Center?
    7. Every World Class Scientist has made predictions over the long term have been absolutely wrong, yet Mr. Chutz claims this expansion way beyond the official parameters was expected, while simultaneously stating this is an unprecedented event and cannot be predicted?
    8. Why is there no federal intervention, when the area is a major hub criss-crossed with many miles of pipelines connecting all domes in its route to the Henry Hub, since it is an Energy Resource under siege and a matter of National Security?
    9. Why does OSHA not take any complaints from Contractors and Workers wishing to file a grievance?
    10. Why is there no actual survey taken of deleterious health effects in Bayou Corne, when 75 % of all residents have various health complaints from the elderly to young children, with three residents reporting cancerous growths in the last week, and two are known malignant, and one awaiting test results, mainly female?
    11. Why are we the People of Bayou Corne ignored in every way possible by State and Federal Agencies, and just hwat will it take for Governor Jindal to declare this a Federal Disaster, so that we can move on, and not risk deleterious health effects and facing death, due to inaction and lackadaisical response efforts?
    12. Why is there a Conference going on here to lobby for more lax regulations taking place at this Hotel, while our State is about to lead the country in chemical spills, oil, gas and solution mining disasters, as well as explosions and injuries and deaths associated with these activities?

    I submit there is no firm leadership in place to address and to help the victims of the oil and gas, and solution mining disasters, and leave the burden squarely upon the shoulders of those unwittingly sitting upon these potentially life-threatening disasters in the making, yet completely ignored by our State, and Federal watchdogs that know these dangers exist, yet never warn the Public of said dangers?

    Changes are needed, and needed now, not tomorrow, while rich fatcats celebrate their victories alongside State Officials living in the lap of luxury, and treated to a Conference at this Hotel, and one owned by The Hilton, while we middle class people are displaced and dying?

    Only We the People can change this sorry and sad state of affairs, so will you join me, the People and Lt. General Honore to effect such changes as soon as possible? Protection is needed now! For us, for you, for our children, and for our environment. Will you join in saving this Great State of Louisiana for our future and our posterity?

    Thank you!

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