2:00 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation


Assumption Parish Police Jury

Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity

Wednesday, Aug. 28 work-

Sinkhole Activity Code 3 – highest level – though seismic activity has not been elevated since last week’s event, work within berms/directly on sinkhole is being suspended as a precaution while new safety protocols based on observations from the most recent slough-in are finalized

Sub-slab Sampling and Ventilation

– Installing pressure sub-slab pressure monitoring at 174 Crawfish Stew

– Ending sub-slab pressure monitoring at 1408 Sauce Piquante

– Conducting ambient and in-stack monitoring of all installed sub-slab ventilation systems


– Testing ORW 42 (north of La. 70, west of Texas Brine facility)

– Grouting ORW 48 (south of La. 70, west of Texas Brine facility)

– Setting up to begin installation of ORW 46 (east of Bayou Corne, south of La. 70)

– Removing water from ORWs 17,18,19 (west of containment berm)

– Installing CPT 24 (Oxy 1 well…

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18 thoughts on “2:00 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

  1. Want to know why it was at Code 3? Lt. General Russel Honore and Al Jazeera America were both there today and took an impromptu boat ride all around the sinkhole. Yet the ‘Officials’ closed own all visits to the actual site, citing Code 3. Plain as the nose on your face. Lt. Gen Honore also attended the BC Support Group Meeting.

    • Freedomrox
      You say it’s as plain as the nose on your face ?
      Why are you beating around the bush why don’t you just come out and tell us why they were there I don’t live there so I don’t know what you’re talking about .

      • I don’t think I have the words to make it any plainer, Walter. They put out a Code 3, so Al Jazeera and Lt. Gen. Honore could not tour the sinkhole and berms….

        Sorry if that was cryptic to you.

      • Waiting for other show to drop …. when that gets written up in news item by the (ret.) General! Oh boy!

      • Freedomrox
        It’s still not clear to me just what part of the brim and sinkhole they did not want them to see.
        If you know tell us.

    • And what do you think what was going on ?
      I am not going read your mind for you.
      Do you think they’re going to have road races around the sinkhole on Saturday night there ?

  2. I’m confused. If the sinkhole was off limits, how could they take a boat ride all around it? Were they in the swamp outside if the berms?

    • It’s very hard for me to read what people are talking about I got Dyslexia or is that spell Dyslexic.
      So I have to read it again and again take each word what they’re saying before I get what their saying.

    • We are speculating the reporters and General Honore were all set to take a boat ride tour and APPJ had something to hide (we think) so they called a fake code 3 to cancel the boat ride.
      We don’t know that … we think that.

      • The speculation makes sense, but Freedomrox said that Ret. Gen. Honore & Al Jazeera “took an impromptu boat ride all around the sinkhole…” Did they? If so, where can we find their responses? And if they didn’t, why were we told that they did? I’m still confused…

  3. FCF, the glare part was the east side, right? Near the two towers & TB’s staging area which is near the now famous sluff in?


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