Serious Questions about the Crisis at Bayou Corne – By Freedomrox

Now for the questions that can be asked by any resident to reporters, or at the conference.


  1. Although Residents were promised to be alerted to any potentially dangerous changing conditions, such as ‘burps’, ‘slough-in’s’, well blowouts, CPT/MiHPT reports, Air Monitoring by EPA, and in all ACTUALITY NOT REPORTED! WHY?
  2. Sonny Cranch has admitted to pulling brine from Oxy 3A, (which is in communication with the sinkhole, per Dr, Hecox and Don Marlin), and sent out to Oxy 2 for production. Why is this allowed considering the 3-D confirms each drawdown impacts the Western Salt Face, and exacerbates this ongoing disaster?
  3. Water infiltration of the Western Face of Salt and even shallower at where the caprock broke off in the beginning allowing trapped ‘sweet gas methane’ to release into the aquifer, yet nothing has been done to address this serious situation.
  4. Air Monitors of the sinkhole lake’s surface are not calibrated correctly, as shown by whole number round offs, and not reported correctly. Why is this allowed? EPA should be the ones to calibrate, not Texas Brine contractors, that show a lesser value than is actually detected?
  5. Why has a Forced Evacuation not been declared, especially after all the detections of gas and H2S under multiple homes?
  6. Why are amateurs able to detect changes, and alert the resident’s of possible consequences the only ones actually alerting residents by email, FB posts, off site websites, sometimes up to 24 hours before an actual event takes place, yet not a word from the World Class Scientists charged with monitoring the sophisticated telemetry and seismic geophones installed, and issuing alerts hours and even days after the events happen? Why are we met with silence, when asking these simple important questions of the Command Center?
  7. Every World Class Scientist has made predictions over the long term have been absolutely wrong, yet Mr. Chutz claims this expansion way beyond the official parameters was expected, while simultaneously stating this is an unprecedented event and cannot be predicted?
  8. Why is there no federal intervention, when the area is a major hub criss-crossed with many miles of pipelines connecting all domes in its route to the Henry Hub, since it is an Energy Resource under siege and a matter of National Security?
  9. Why does OSHA not take any complaints from Contractors and Workers wishing to file a grievance?
  10. Why is there no actual survey taken of deleterious health effects in Bayou Corne, when 75 % of all residents have various health complaints from the elderly to young children, with three residents reporting cancerous growths in the last week, and two are known malignant, and one awaiting test results, mainly female?
  11. Why are we the People of Bayou Corne ignored in every way possible by State and Federal Agencies, and just hwat will it take for Governor Jindal to declare this a Federal Disaster, so that we can move on, and not risk deleterious health effects and facing death, due to inaction and lackadaisical response efforts?
  12. Why is there a Conference going on here to lobby for more lax regulations taking place at this Hotel, while our State is about to lead the country in chemical spills, oil, gas and solution mining disasters, as well as explosions and injuries and deaths associated with these activities?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

I submit there is no firm leadership in place to address and to help the victims of the oil and gas, and solution mining disasters, and leave the burden squarely upon the shoulders of those unwittingly sitting upon these potentially life-threatening disasters in the making, yet completely ignored by our State, and Federal watchdogs that know these dangers exist, yet never warn the Public of said dangers.

Changes are needed, and needed now, not tomorrow, while rich fatcats celebrate their victories alongside State Officials living in the lap of luxury, and treated to a Conference at this Hotel, and one owned by The Hilton, while we middle class people are displaced and dying?

Only We the People can change this sorry and sad state of affairs, so will you join me, the People and Lt. General Honore to effect such changes as soon as possible? Protection is needed now! For us, for you, for our children, and for our environment. Will you join in saving this Great State of Louisiana for our future and our posterity?

Thank you!



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