Take a minute and vote for Dr. Subra‏ in this COX media vote

We endorse this!

Go to left side of this page & you will see Vote.
Dr, Subra has been a champion of our cause for Bayou Corne, Lake Peigneur and the Vermilion Parish burn site in Meaux community.

Cox and The Trust for Public Land Announce Finalists for Louisiana’s Cox Conserves Heroes Program


4 thoughts on “Take a minute and vote for Dr. Subra‏ in this COX media vote

  1. A strong voice in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley
    Wilma Subra, a diminutive grandmother, has long challenged the corporate polluters in one of the nation’s most toxic regions.

    Excerpt: Mike Taylor worked for BP on its spill response and recalled a time he helped company lawyers prepare for a meeting with Subra.

    “They thought highly of her, and they expected her to be a hard-nose,” Taylor said.

    She was.

    He’s up against Subra again, this time working as a contractor with Texas Brine, an oil and gas service company whose operations at nearby Bayou Corne created a massive sinkhole, leading to the evacuation of hundreds of residents last summer.

    Taylor described many of the groups opposing the company as “anti-business” and “anarchists.” But Subra, he said, “is the voice of reason. She understands the rules and regulations because she’s helped formulate some of them.”


      • I have nothing but the utmost respect for Dr. Wilma Subra, and the sheer tenacity, and raw fortitude it takes to slog on year after year after year, and rarely making any lasting difference. Yet on she goes propelled by a sense of right over wrong. As for Mike Taylor, he is a despicable, lowly, toady with a very bad disposition. He has again told workers and contractors responding to the Cavern/Sinkhole Disaster that if they are ever caught wearing a respirator/gas mask, then they are fired, and if they even attempt to call in sick…then they are fired. This so-called anarchist, (furthest thing from the truth), knows even of his proposal to dump sinkhole oil wastes and sands in GEO 1’s 3000 ft. cellar before the Seismic array is even installed. Unknown parties thwarted his nefarious scheme at the time, but this corporate toady is known for his underhanded tactics, so we are left to wonder if that task was not accomplished in the dead of night? Mr. Taylor is a known rule and law breaker, so how dare he make such statements, while living in a rental house right amongst the very neighborhood that is in danger. Again, I must emphatically state, that if it was not for ‘anti-business, anarchistic Dr. Subra, then the Mike Taylor’s of the world would have already taken over and no voice would be raised in defense. So if the Resident’s and Wilma Subra are being deemed anti-business and an anarchist; then I am proud to be included in their number….. Rock on, Dr. Subra, and know you are not alone, and you are appreciated.

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