Dutchsinse – WHAT THE FRACK?!

North American Craton Plate story . . .

5 thoughts on “Dutchsinse – WHAT THE FRACK?!

  1. Great work Dutchsinse, but people with a ‘dumbed down’ understanding of fracking will struggle to appreciate the
    importance of what you are saying.
    A typical diagramatic of a fracking well, depicts a deep downpipe which does an amazing 90 degree turn and
    has cute little ‘crows feet’ cracks spaced out along the lateral borepipe. In fact, there can be up to ten lateral pipes radiating out
    from the bottom of each down pipe.
    Most people don’t realise that the fracturing of the rock strata is not only achieved by hydraulic pressure but also by detonation.
    When the lateral hole is bored and the casing is in place, a ‘perf gun’ is lowered to the end of the lateral bore hole. This
    fires small detonation charges in all directions which go through the casing (perforating it) into the surrounding rock.
    As this only fractures a small area, the detonations are repeated over and again as the perf gun is progressively withdrawn from
    the lateral pipe. And this is done in boreholes throughout the target area.Then the fluid is pulsed in, under high pressure
    (with a jackhammer effect), to further fracture the strata and release hydrocarbons into the well pipe, through the perforations.
    This technology is truly impressive, and the economic benefits are well touted, but it seems to me that in addition to surface
    consequences, these huge numbers of wells are creating deep lateral fault planes (comprised of shattered shock and fluid) across the
    shale fields. Any connectivity between the fracked target areas will create migration paths and strata weakness.
    Whilst there is no fracking in the immediate vicinity of the sinkhole, I wonder at the wisdom of fracking the unstable strata of the
    lower mississippi region, in particular. I got this technical information from fracking industry promotional videos on the
    internet, so I’m confident that it is accurate. What they tell potential investors differs from public understanding.
    Earthquakes are only caused by one thing – underground movement..

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