Seismic Friday – Head for the Hills!

Here we go – – –  Heli_ANI

Mad activity at LA12 starting at noon CST – – –






7.0 Alaska quake — we are comparing timezones . . . THAT’S 11:25 A.M. CST . . .

Parish blog:  “seismic activity has not been elevated since last week’s event” . . . so maybe don’t head for the hills.  confused

Some headlines from Fuel Fix:

Small Earthquake Reported in Central Alabama – 2.3

After this weekend it will be time to pay attention to tropical weather.

Take our POLL about Wednesday’s weird alert at Lake FUBAR

46 thoughts on “Seismic Friday – Head for the Hills!

  1. Since the same pattern occurs at the AZ control sites, I think that this movement reflects the 7.0 quake off the coast of Alaska.

    • I think maybe it is too ….
      even so, does that make more stress on the caverns?

      It would be nice if the APPJ would give out a statement.
      Since no one on-site bothers monitoring the helicorders we can count on NO statement from them about Alaska.
      Unless they get irked by our gossip. Irk…irk…irk.

    • I’d say that the timings about right…

      And considering what happened after the Guatemalan / Ecuadorian one, earlier this month then I think that we’re in for a show.

      • duck n’ cover!! Standing by. Have a few errands on Sat. so I apologize in advance if anyone gets caught in the spam bin in the comments section!
        My imagination idea is the “walls” between caverns below are shivering in these events and loose material is coming down like a low-budget disaster movie. 🙂

  2. You have to use COMMON SENSE to know what is going on here. With all the information and documentation of this site, you know what is going on. Thanks for the poll. I voted yes. Surprise, 83% are voting yes. My prayers are with you Bayou Corne!

  3. But it seems that no matter where the shaking originates, if it affects the BC helicorders then it must be affecting the environment in which the helicorders are installed.

  4. One more event…could this have any effect?
    MAJOR FIREBALL EVENT, UPGRADED: NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office has upgraded its estimates of a major fireball that exploded over the southeastern USA around 2:30 AM on August 28th.
    “As far as I know, this is the brightest event our network has observed in 5 years of operation,” he continues. “There are reports of sonic booms reaching the ground, and data from 4 doppler radars indicate that some meteorites may have fallen along the fireball’s ground track.” (Note: The city in the ground track map is Cleveland, Tennessee, not Cleveland, Ohio.)

      • let’s see what’s on helicorders overnight …. that’s the only time you can see (no trucks) 🙂

      • Puter Man said “Hi, yes the mass of squiggles is the Alaska earthquake at 16.25 UTC.

        Nothing to do with Bayou Corne at all.”


      • Also, Flame-O is back at BCS, and talking smack about me, The Bugle, and everyone else they can attack. Mainly me, and telling outrageous lies. Doesn’t worry me, but Facebook Warriors may want to try to counter this propaganda. I am not allowed to post and defend myself…so sorry I can’t do it on my own. Bayou Corne Sinkhole on Facebook is run by complete morons with an agenda…just sayin’.

      • A troll is acting up on Blue Daze too. They must feel bad loosing their grip on the story.
        Da Bugle, hated by all the right people! 🙂

      • Mainly Oxy Geismar 1. The loss of about 6 acres and 200 ft. of the treeline on the east side is directly over OG 1. It is the shallow pancake cavern at 2500 ft. down. We know it is fractured, but what is not known as of yet if this an expression of something that has happened to OG 1 or the upper expression of a fracture in the salt itself at 750 ft, where the caprock broke off. Time will tell. Oh, TB is using a vacuum type deal with vent wells and claims it is the end all be cure…Again, time will tell.

      • I took up for you on Facebook. I think the more open thinkers realize what’s going on. I wouldn’t worry about it, you bring more to the table than they do.

    • aggg…. bad connection … roadwork nearby may have screwed up my internet access and it will be having cut offs all weekend I bet!

  5. Just gotta say, I stirred up a hornets nest on Facebook the other day. Had no idea it had been taken over by a troll. All of them seemed to be drinking the kool aide too. I don’t know how you can be so blind to how this is playing out. I just wanted to get the word out to my friends and was completely attacked because I thought differently. I will stick with the Bugle, thank you very much.

    • Lots here look at several sites. Dey hate da Bugle on some face bbok pages 🙂
      Sometimes we guess all kinds of wild things here. But it’s only because of lack of data so we try to fill in blanks with gab.
      But this code 3 on Wed. was reallll-ly sneaky. I think we caught them out on that one!

  6. There been a lot of little quake in US in the past seven days and the big one in Alaskan.
    Trying to make out who has standard time in the US can be hard.
    The United States uses nine standard time zones.
    Alaskan Time
    Hawaiian Time
    PDT = Pacific Standard Time
    MST = Mountain Standard Time
    CDT = Central Daylight Time
    EDT = Eastern Daylight Time
    Arizona does not observe daylight saving time

    A little past history on the Alaskan earthquake year 1964.
    Where I live in East Tennessee at Norris Dam they had waves from one to two feet waves and in Oak Ridge Tennessee the seismic stations were damaged by the quake.
    Sloshing of water back and forth were observed as far away as Louisiana where a number of fishing boats were sunk. Oscillations in the height of water in wells were reported from as far away as South Africa.

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