Alaska Aftershocks Continue & Long Weekend News

The aftershocks are showing up on the “USGS shake maps” headlines in the RSS feed on the right sidebar. Also on the sidebar, under “REF” is a time zone  page with a time zone converter. CST is GMT – 5 hours.
heli_button   Dozens of Aftershocks Expected on Alaskan Island –  Alaska volcano going off


Bayou Buzz – Will media stop whitewashing Jindal’s Bayou Corne sinkhole story?

” . . . Governor Jindal, your state has been under the threat of a environmental disaster now for over a year. I’m referring to the Bayou Corne sinkhole that appears to be expanding and expanding with no solution in sight.
Your state has filed a lawsuit against those you believe caused the damage. You made a pit stop there seven months after the hole became an issue, but , only after homeowners started to complain about your refusal to make an appearance.”

Texas Brine put out a fact-sheet dated Aug. 29 about what great things they are doing. They don’t explain why they put out such low-ball home-buy offers. “Code 3 – not allowed on west berm or onto pad 3 or north pad. Added ORWs #42, 43,
46, and 48 to report.”

DNR Inspection Report for Aug. 30 has current work description at the end.


It looks like El Barfo is reloading. LA14.

2.1 quake Marston, Missouri < MAP

Crosstex put out the update for Aug. 28thThey are ADDING more butane . . .



We added a better map showing Crosstex Well #1 and Well #2 to the ‘location of the butane caverns‘ post (found on the MAP page).



Let’s hope helicorders don’t go off too much since probably everyone’s gone for the holiday.

We missed this item from April – Hurricanes May Cause Earthquakes



35 thoughts on “Alaska Aftershocks Continue & Long Weekend News

  1. Freedomrox
    I was hoping you could help me I was looking into Eddy Currents, and Lentz’s Forces and how they could play out in what’s going on at that sinkhole.
    Could that salt dome be a factor in current flow

    Some Eddy – Current Problems and Their Integral Solutions 1969
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Mysterious forces – Eddy Currents
    rare earth magnet

    Lentz’s Forces

    Eddy current brake
    Coercive-force and eddy-current
    Operating Time Analysis of an Electromagnetic Relay

  2. This might be redundant info—in which case more is always better.
    Entire video is visual–no words, just mighty informative images.

    • I have the shake map RSS feed on the sidebar for quick check of current quakes. USGA is very late to post those items to their (now fouled-up) map.

      But LA12

      … looks like the usual shakes. It doesn’t look like after shocks from Alaska or echo from the Pacific.
      I still think El Barfo is re-loading.
      We’ll see … in next 48 hours.

      • The worrying thing is, if quakes as far away as Alaska and possibly Indonesia are showing up on the bayou corne seismo’s and by default affecting the saltdome, then there is no way that this is ever going to end well.

        All it will take is a ‘9+’ to really scramble that saltdome, and the land above it.

      • I think they’re long-term plan consists of waiting till the last minute… Then shouting “What the F**K… RUN!!!”

  3. This Alaska aftershocks don’t add up.
    As far as I can tell we are not getting all the report of earthquake around the world I think our government is withholding earthquake information from us.
    I think USGS is withholding data on New Madrid zone earthquakes and Gulf of Mexico earthquakes or movement.

  4. Trying to do a search on the ‘Gulf of Mexico earth movement’.

    The Earth Expansion Theory in the Gulf of Mexico
    This is 56 time I try to watch this thing the phone rings or someone at the door or this or that.
    Uploaded on Sep 11, 2011

    • Excellent information!!! As a diver, I have a passion for our aquatic environment and so appreciate all the wonder and beauty it enfolds, but have been so Leary of the Gulf of Mexico since the Deepwater Horizon spill. This video confirms my concerns and the fact that you can’t trust our government with anything precious that involves life of any sort….they don’t care. I have been diving in the Gulf many times but not since DH incident and sadly may never again. I am heartsick and have been warning folks about this since that time. Hopefully this will convince them there is validation to my God inspired concerns.

      • I was deciding if I should put it in a post (had to listen to second half)…. I will post it tonight. The 2 Texas quakes, I hope, aren’t from this!

  5. Four Major Types of Seismograms

    I am always looking at graphic that have Harmonic Tremor on them.
    Harmonic waves or tremor are not always I should say they don’t have to be volcano.
    At the sink hole recorder i always look at them as bad pluming like gas, water and oil in pipe lines but this are deep in the ground.
    More seismic signatures

    • Ah! the current Pope is Italian. There was much concern over naming an Italian Pope due to St. Malachy’s prophecy. IHO they did an end around. The man (St.Malachy) was 100% right for over 900 years and the last one he missed? I doubt it. We’ll see. When it appears evil has won our King will return and make short work of them. Fear not.

  6. 4.1 earthquake located in Texas between Carthage and Nacogdoches, near the Texas Lousiana border. It was on the Dallas local channel 4 FOX

    • And it showed up on the helicorders at 16:54 CDT…

      If it had been a 5+ it would have rung that saltdome like a bell.

      • it might not be over (!!) …. have they even thought about that??

        They seem ill prepared for hurricane season and not even thinking about large quakes.

  7. Now a 4.3 at Timpson, Texas. David you might get to the 5+ if they keep going. Also have noticed on this site, and I will tell you I do not know about reading this chart, that the lower Louisiana readings are higher from time to time and now there are readings on the Texas/Louisiana line.

    I am more of a reader than anything. I do keep up with Bayou Corn as I have distant relatives in the Baton Rouge area. I live south of Dallas and did not feel either quake. I did feel and hear the West Explosion when it happened.

  8. Hurricanes create seismic waves. I was reading awhile back how they were able to monitor hurricane Sandy all across the country on seismic monitors. I don’t have a link handy but its easily found.

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