Highway 70 Detour Boondoggle + Tues. News, New Fly Over

The Advocate – Sinkhole fears spur La. 70 realignment plans

“The more than year-old, growing sinkhole just south of La. 70 in the Bayou Corne area has raised worries about subsidence that could cut off La. 70 in just the wrong place. Commuters and school buses would be forced to make the time-consuming round, some fear.”


Keep in mind the tropical storms . . .

Bayou Corne mentioned at the end of this article – This Week In Natural Gas Leaks and Explosions

The Parish Blog says they are still at Code 34:00 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

A minute and a half! –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/UPB-m9no3CY

New Madrid Fault Zone Quakes

2.5 quakes at Koshkonong, Missouri < MAP
twin 2.5 quakes at Ridgely, Tennessee < MAP – so close together they have mistaken, identical info. They may be frack-quakes. They are hiding 1 of the 2 quakes . . . here is a screengrab from the RSOE map on Radioactive Chat



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