Fluid on the Move Under Lake FUBAR

It looks like this.


LINK –  http://youtu.be/ReH7Qf3NW0c

Here is what is going on:


The far away Pacific Rim quakes yesterday (see next post ) perhaps caused sloshing down below. Who knows when it will stop?

11 thoughts on “Fluid on the Move Under Lake FUBAR

  1. Pacific Rim quakes
    This did not show up at the sinkhole recorder.
    M4.2 – 76km SE of Akutan, Alaska 2013-09-04 time 11:14:18 UTC
    What time is that at the sinkhole 06:14 CDT time
    How deep in the earth was it : depth=36.5km (22.7mi)
    M4.8 – 35km SW of Brooklyn, New Zealand 2013-09-04 time 12:04:10 UTC
    What time was it at the sinkhole 07:04 CDT time
    How deep in the earth was it : depth=20.3km (12.6mi)

    LA10 HHZ YC 03 : Bayou Corne, LA bottom borehole

    • To convert GMT to CST use the ‘time zone’ link on the sidebar in the ‘REF’ section. The ‘convert’ page is at the upper left.

      • I am faithfully following all these posts and so appreciate all the info you guys are putting out there…thank you!! I live in Ga but have son and his family in lower Alabama, and a niece with newborn baby in Alexandria, La. Everyone thinks I’m nuts…don’t know what to tell them anymore except to pass info along…I’m VERY concerned!!!

  2. BBS

    If being able to see the lies and then having enough concern to try and tell other people makes you nuts, then most people here are nuttier than squirrel $h1t for caring as well.

    Feel good about it, don’t let others lack of understanding quiet your voice of compassion. As long as there are people like you around, there is still a chance to help others and possibly save lives, thank-you for being human in this world of droids.

    • just a little on aquifers on the Methane page.
      In 2012 I phones the water dept.
      1] They are very aware of Bayou corne status
      2] They get info if anything happens via official channels
      3] drinking water pipes not in danger from Lake FUBAR, not running next to it etc.

      my questions were along the lines of water pipes maybe impacted by growing sinkhole etc.

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